KEPLER Interactive has launched the Horror Adventure Scorn handed by EBB Software to PC/Xbox Series X | S.

This work is a horror game developed based on the concept of if you have suddenly thrown into the world. Players will collect items and weapons to collect items and weapons, explore various areas connected to each other in a detailed nightmare world.

Scorn announced its development in 2014 and started the Kickstarter campaign, but could not achieve the target amount and canceled it. With the help of investors, we promoted the development, and achieved the target amount in the second Kickstarter campaign held in 2017.

After that, the video was released in 2018, 2019, and 2020, and the launch of the initially planned 2018 was postponed several times. In December 2021, it announced the release decision in October 2022 and renewed regular information called The Pulse Monthly. In addition, the release schedule on October 21 has been reduced for one week and changed to October 14.

Scorn was finally released after eight years after the announcement. Development has also been released for several games for the last few months. It also contains radical content, so if you are worried about what kind of game it is, you may want to check it in advance.

Scorn was released on October 14, 2022, for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/ Series X | S. The support for the subscription service GAME PASS has been announced.