Game-related companies are interested in other major agendas, while the new shareholders’ meeting season is imminent.

On the 17th, according to the game industry, Neowiz, Nexon Kit and Net Games, Cacao, NHN, Netmarble, Pulse, and Craft Tone, are expected to decide on the key agenda that our customers will be decided through the General Assembly.

Neowizu, Com2us, and Craft Tons have made new businesses with core agenda. The Neowiz, which starts the shareholders’ general meeting on the 24th, is scheduled to add a new business purpose of new business purposes and development and supply-based mobile game software development and supply-based mobile game software and block chain based on block chain-based wired online game software.

Com2us and Craft Tone will hold a group on 29th and 31, respectively. Com2us is also a blockchain, metabus technology and an information service industry, block chain based wired online, and mobile game software development and suppliers, and Craffton is a digital content production and distributor, music, record production and distribution, cartoon, webtoon IP (intellectual property rights) such as production and distribution business is noticeable.

NHN will give up the NHN cloud through the general meeting of shareholders on the 29th, and promote IPO (corporate disclosure), and add publishing businesses for business purposes.

NCsoft and Netmarble, Com2u, etc., in the group, including cash dividends, including cash dividends for shareholder values. NCsoft shall carry out a cash dividend per week, and netmarble is 528 won per common week and 528 won per share, and Com2us is set to 1300 won per share. NCsoft and Netmarble Group are held on 30 and 29, respectively.

The establishment of the in-house director of the industry is also attracting attention. First, Cacao plans to open a group on the 29th, and the CEO of Nam Gong Hoon is planning to appoint a CAC Center and Kim Sung-soo as a new company director. The president of the CEO of Nam Gong Hoon, the president of the Cacao Games, became a representative of Cacao. It is an area to spur on business such as metabus, and synergy with Cacao Games is expected.

Pulse, Bis defeated the representative of the representative for six years, and the COO of Heavy Jeong Young-young (COO) was a new representative. Huh COO will be appointed as a representative director through the Group 30th.

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Net Games and Nexon Kiti, who carried out a 25-day group, deal with the merger corporation, Nexon Games to Nexon Games. Prior to, net Games and Nexon Kiti have approved the merger agenda at the Temporary shareholders’ meeting in February.