The Unreal Engine has actually been a popular basis for several years on YouTube, Reddit and Co. to make familiar brands shine in a brand-new guise.
The stylistic application of widely known brand names such as Zelda, Mario or Sonic can truly be argued.
Once again and once again there are fascinating experiments that can be visually persuading.
What would Dark Souls 3 appearance like in the Unreal Engine 5, for instance?
A fodder called Jonx0R is currently addressing this question.
When finding out the Unreal Engine 5, the latter assisted to port the third part of the Souls’ series to Unreal Engine 5

Dark Souls 3 in the Unreal Engine 5.

In the YouTube video for the task, the fodder starts in the Cemetery of Ash.
From here we see piece by piece the big dive you would make graphically the title from 2016.
In addition to the high visual quality, it stands out that the lighting of the unreal variation of the location gives an entirely various appearance.
While the initial brings a dismal, beige-soaked tone, the locations shown look much more tangible in the video.
This coherent discussion distinguishes the prototype, for instance, from basically respectable experiments, such as it can be done.
The Fire link Shrine is also more than excellent in the video.
In to discuss YouTube and Reddit it is constantly emphasized that a remaster from Dark Souls 3 (now buy EUR 29.99/ EUR 53.99) must at finest appearance exactly the same.
Incidentally, the fodder noted that he wants to continue tinkering with the model.


Nevertheless, this should primarily serve your own knowing experience.

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Brand Names like Dark Souls, Elden Ring or Blood borne are and stay on everyone’s lips.

For Elden Ring, for instance, a large DLC needs to be launched in the future.
Blood borne, in turn, recently noticed through a sinfully costly figure for the domestic display, which we reported, among other things.
Sources: YouTube (Honor), Reddit (R/Darksouls3).
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