Away from the large football clubs, the ESPORT organizations Focus Clan and Nomen Est Oommen (NEO) were certainly the heavyweights under the remaining teams of the DFB-EPOCAL Powered by Ergo. All the more exciting designed the starting point that they had been released against each other for the final day of qualifiers.

World Champion Mohammed ‘Mooba’ Harkous on the one hand, Entational Player Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen on the other side – German FIFA celebrities in direct duel. The pressure was after the kick-off match between ‘Milkalove’ and Lukas ‘Sakul’ ofheide, which could decide the focus man with 3: 2 for themselves, definitely at Neuhausen.

World Champion ‘Mooba’ beats ‘Dullenmike’

However, Harcous demonstrated why he is still one of the best FIFA players in Germany: he struck his counterparty just 3: 2 and made a third party between ‘Xlennyyy’ and ‘Stylo’ unnecessary. The focus clan attracts into the main round of the DFB epocal, for Neo is already over.

The second meeting of well-known teams came between Bayer 04 Leverkusen and the 1st FC Kaiserslautern and Red Devil Esport. The two clubs were already put together in the final of the Club qualifier, then the ESPORT department of the “Werkself” had triumphed.

New edition of the Club Qualifier Finals

This time, Red Teufel Esport was able to review: Dominik ‘Boyaaaaaah09’ Nüning sat down in the first match with 4: 3 against Marc’s Marc_LDW23 ‘Landwehr.

Then Jonathan ‘Jonamg’ Mayer Garcia Paul ‘B04_Paul’ Degner hit 3: 2. Thus, Kaiserslautern’s most famous professional – the ex-Schalke Michael ‘Deos’ Haan – no longer had to compete against Furkan ‘Furkyplayz’ Kayacik.

The FC St. Pauli – third qualifier of the Club qualifier – meanwhile made the main retression against the FC Hennef perfect. After the kick-off of Tom ‘FCSP_TOM’ Koest against Joshua ‘Hi255’ Pohl (0: 2), turned Kamal ‘FCSP_Kamal’ Kamboj against Nils ‘Inilsinho21’ Wüstenberg (4: 1) and Mustafa ‘Xmuster19’ Cankal against René ‘SneppDep’ Müller (3: 2) The encounter still in favor of the Hamburgers.

Last defending champion continues in the race

IQonic around the FIFA Talent Joe ‘JH7’ Hellmann and Berkay ‘Berkaylion’ Demirci let the Hegersoft E.V no chance, B360 Denzlingen with the last remaining defending champion Yüksel ‘Bomber_yuksel’ diker was able to assert himself against Direct2 E-Sports.

With the FC Carl Zeiss Jena and the FC red-white Erfurt, on the other hand, two well-known regional designists had to delete the sails.

Is the DFB-Pokal the Best Cup Competition in the World?

The DFB EPOCAL will be continued on March 31st and April 1st: the 20 winners of the finals of the qualifiers and the twelve to conclude the round-off teams of the VBL Club Championship determine the eight finalists in two K.O.-rounds. These in turn play the new DFB epokal winner on 2 and 3 April.