Carson Wentz is shrinked by the Indianapolis Colts to the Washington Commander. This ends an expensive intermezzo for the colts. At the same time, the deal for both franchises raises questions as he represents something like the last chance for the quarterback.

The Trade of Carson Wentz from Indianapolis to Washington has no winners at first glance. Rather, he carries some risks while the others continue a desperate trend.

Five questions about the next dominoes on the way to the Free Agency 2022.

1. What does Wentz Trade mean for Indianapolis Colts?

The Indianapolis Colts have been regarded as a prime example for a very thought-out squad construction for a few years. And that is quite rightly. General Manager Chris Ballard repeatedly managed to find much good talent in the draft and thus build a strong framework.

In addition, Coaching Staff helped Head Coach Frank Rich to bring a high level again and again. But one has not succeeded by the Colts for a few years – they have not reached a constancy on the quarterback position.

Since the sudden resignation of the former franchise quarterback Andrew Luck – his sign successor of the legendary Peyton Manning – the Colts now had another starting quarterback every year. In 2019 it was necessary Jacoby Brissett, 2020 followed Philip Rivers and in the previous year, Carson Wentz tried, but now it is gone again.

Especially Wentz should end this QB parade and finally put a constancy. Accordingly, you paid a high price to get it – In addition to a third roundpick 2021, the colts also gave a conditional two-round pick, which was even a round-round chip in the upcoming draft by Wentz ‘playing time 2021.

All that, although doubts about Wentz’s skills were quite attached, after his last outstanding season in Philadelphia already led back a few years. But the hope was that his then QB Coach would turn him again in Indy.

Wentz ‘form fluctuations cost the colts the playoffs

Conclusion: He did not succeed. Although Wentz played a predominantly solid season, there were always desastrous mistakes, the games sinked and the colts with a very weak performance in week 17 in Jacksonville (!) Even the safely believed playoff participation cost.

Shortly after this final Meltdown of the team, Team owner Jim Irsay laughed with a curious tweet and counted his quarterback at that time publicly – without calling his name, sees.

Meanwhile, Wintz was sometimes a bit of advisory resistant and sensitive to “hard coaching”. Of course, that can also be a spin to justify himself from Colts view for the finish, but in any case one can say: if even QB whisperer realize him, who then?

For the colts this means now back to the drawing board, if you want. But you need a new starting quarterback and have no round-round pricking this year thanks to last year’s Wentz trades. To their “relief”, the draft does not give the optimal solution anyway. Accordingly, the Free Agency and the Trademarkt are in the foreground. A name that is heard more frequently is Jimmy Garoppolo, whose days in San Francisco are obviously counted. But he too would be a transitional solution, as well as any free agent on the market.

Colts lead NFL in Cap Space

BREAKING: Carson Wentz Traded to the Washington Commanders
However, what the colts with this trade has succeeded in any case is to be in position for the offseason. They now have almost $ 70 million over most Cap Space of the League and could not only acquire well-known free agents – Ballard is not a big friend – they could also take a large salary in a trade for a QB without problems, because Wentz ‘complete salary of 28 million dollars will be transferred to the Commanders.

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Whatever the Colts is now, one thing is already clear: so slowly a shot must sit, otherwise it will be an endless spiral from the abandoned QB situation and it threatens consistent mediocrity in an AFC South, which still would be managebar With a good QB.