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The Sandbox, Line Studio and Meta Bus Business Partnership

The Sandbox (CEO Sebastien Bore) announced on the 10th that it has partnered with Line Studio (CEO Lee Jung-won), a casual game developer of the global messenger platform ‘Line’.

Through this partnership, the Sandbox’s K-content space, K-VERSE, creates a dedicated theme space for line studio, and users ‘Line Trainers’ and ‘Line Chef’ It is planned to be able to experience in the meta bus space.

In addition, the Sandbox and Line Studio will carry out various businesses and promotions such as NFT production using Line Studio’s games to provide a different experience.

Rhine Studio is developing and producing casual games through various collaborations with the global messenger platform line and showing it in the global markets such as Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Lee Seung-hee, CEO of The sandbox korea, said, With this partnership, we will meet not only in Korea but also in line studio games and characters that are loved in the global market as a new experience that can be enjoyed in your own way in the Sandbox Megabus.

Lee Jung-won, CEO of Line Studio, said, We will join hands with the sandbox and use various contents to provide new ways and fun to play games on meta buses beyond the existing game space.


Meanwhile, The Sandbox is expanding the world of meta buses with more than 400 partners in addition to Line Studio.

Exactly how good is a vacuum cleaner robotic with 1,200 evaluations as well as 4.5 stars on The Yeedi Vac Max

The Yeedi Vac Max is among the hoover robots on, which are best rated. With even more than 1200 reviews, the item attains strong 4.5 out of 5 celebrities. Our professional Patrick Freese evaluated the component for you. Is it really that excellent?

  • Technical information
  • Application, drawing and also cleaning in the test
  • Verdict

** What kind of device is this? My interest was awakened by the lots of excellent testimonials and also I will certainly show you right here in the test whether they are justified. At the time of the examination, the Yeedi Vac Max has regarding 1,270 reviews on Amazon and also 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I was able to get a great image of the staminas and weaknesses of the automated cleaning assistants in the different budget plan areas. I invest regarding 5 hours a week as well as increased with examination records as well as videos to prominent and brand-new models.

** Who checked? In the previous 5 years I have actually used concerning 10 different models in lasting and temporary examinations. With purchase costs from EUR 250 to EUR 900.

What does the gadget deal?

The technical details in contrast :

application, suction and also cleaning test

Specifically with the Yeedi Vac Max, it is foregoing a laser tower. With other robotics, they are on the device and check the areas by wall surfaces as well as challenges.

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Rug floors are already one more challenge, yet here as well it was good as well as adequately drawing pet hair and chip crumbs out of the textile. The yeedi pulled around 90 % of my cornflakes out of the carpet. A strong result! Some low-cost versions that I evaluated were in some cases much less than 50 %.

The Yeedi has an automatic remedy. The discovery works alright for me. Every once in a while he acknowledges the carpeting as well late and afterwards just manages the suction power after a few seconds.

Exactly how did I evaluate? I have been utilizing the hoover in my home for over a month. Almost every day it sucks all 5 rooms including bathroom and kitchen. The cleaning setting is used once a week. In this time I had the ability to test the features of the Yeedi Vac Mac extensively as well as now explain the downsides and benefits.

The Yeedi Vac Max is one of the vacuum cleaner robots on, which are best rated. That tested? Just how did I check? I have actually been utilizing the vacuum cleanser in my apartment or condo for over a month. The suction: It must be emphasized that in this examination I was able to evaluate the Yeedi Vac Max with a suction station.

They rarely apply stress as well as for that reason just clean them ostensibly. To clean you fill a container with water (and also potentially cleaner). The water is after that transferred to the rag using a pump, which is connected to the hanging with Velcro at the bottom.

The function is okay for wiping. And he does this with far better functions than the Eufy X8 that I tested right here.

The suction station in some cases battles as well as only obtains the dust container in the third or 2nd effort. That bothers, because the suction process is very loud as well as I have to inspect every time the container is vacant. If the container continues to be complete, the robot sucks less effectively.

Preview | Item | Score | Price |– |– |– |– |–| Yeedi Vac Station Suction robot with suction station (VAC Max + Saugestation) 3000 suction power,… | 1,277 testimonials | 499.99 EUR | To| Yeedi Vac Max Suck robotic with cleaning feature, 3000 suction toughness, potpoint discovery, space map,… | 1,277 evaluations | 349.99 EUR | To Amazon.

With a building that has to do with 2 cm flatter, the yeedi comes far better under furniture, but must likewise return in the positioning. He often utilizes the shock absorber and rams slightly to recognize them and also assess the dimension. He also goes every currently and also then as well as rarely likewise has alignment troubles.

Without pet hair, the suction terminal accurately empties the dirt container.

The suction: It needs to be highlighted that in this test I was able to examine the Yeedi Vac Max with a suction terminal. The terminal does a great job and empties the dust container of the hoover well. But right here, as well, there are problems with pet hair, which I also discovered in the examination of the Roborock Q7 Max+.

The robotic is really effective on tough floorings and also occupies dirt and dog food crumbs and also other impurities. I might find a little crumbs occasionally that remained. I didn’t have a perfect outcome with a single vacuum cleaner robotic, so the Yeedi Vac Max likewise plays at the leading edge.

I actually like that the Yeedi can not only create not draw here zones right here, but also don’t wipe right here areas. Just a few versions supply such a function which is a huge advantage. So you don’t have to take note of the rugs when wiping. Every so often carpets are recognized late so that the beginning of a carpet enters contact with the damp microfiber cloth.

The function is additionally unique that you can identify the order in which the specific areas must be cleaned up. If you are taking a trip correctly at house, you can additionally combine the application with Google Residence or Alexa.

Wiping: beforehand: no, vacuum robot with wiping feature do not change wiping by hand.

The app: In the app you will certainly locate common features that you will find in the substantial majority. The production of spaces including identifying, limited areas, adjustment of the suction toughness and the opportunity of altering the maps after developing.

I specifically like the fact that the cloth is movable and also can consequently wipe additionally in the event of bumps. With other designs, the dustcloths are rigid-if the robot is uneven, the cloth might hang briefly airborne.

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