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It feels like De Que, One Piece Odyssey play video released

Recently, a new play video of ‘One Piece Odyssey’, the 25th anniversary of the comic “ One Piece ”, which has reached a new heyday, has been released.

Bandai Namco Entertainment released a gameplay video of One Piece Odyssey, which is being developed by ILCA on the 2nd on the 2th, on the 2nd Anime Expo 2022 Live Broadcasting in Los Angeles. The video is 18 minutes, and there’s little mix of editing, so you can check some of the main systems of the game, combat and adventure.

According to the video, the player selects four characters of the crew to form a party before entering the adventure. Each character, of course, has different stats, and the stats also include poison, confusion, fascination, fire, and ice.


After the party is organized, you can manipulate the Luffy to explore all over the Wafold, which is the stage of the game, and use the mushrooms and metals that are used by using the black-colored color. On the other side of the cliff, you can use Luffy’s rubber rubber fruit capacity, and you can reach Zoro’s swordsmanship or Robin’s flower fruit ability in the right place to reach an iron prison or a farther place.

The combat method is a symbol-in-counter format used in Dragon Quest 10 and 11 developed by the developer ILCA. When you encounter the enemy on the map, the field will form and start the turn-based battle. The battle is not a line of enemies and allies, but rather considering the enemy placement or map’s terrain in a randomly deployed place.

As the enemy and allies are randomly determined, the situation may occur, such as the surrounded by the enemy, which is surrounded by the enemy, or the Sanji is surrounded by women. In the game, it is called a dramatic god, and it is the core of the battle to break this situation well. For example, in order to save a confused colleague, Luffy can get out of the crisis if he sees the enemy in front of him with a range of technology.

As ILCA, which has been producing the Dragon Quest series since the past, has been in charge of the development, the nostalgia of Dragon Quest is felt in various elements such as graphics and battles. The skill is gorgeous, but it is not annoying because of its clean graphics, and the combat system also likes turn-based or familiar with Dragon quests, and it is easy to adapt.

One Piece Odyssey will be released this year as PC, PS4, PS5, and XBOX series X/S and will officially support Korean.

Developer admits that certain fixes for Battlefield 2042 need too long

Battlefield V is a shooting computer game and also first-person declared activity by states as well as dispersed by Digital Arts. The computer game was released on November 20, 2018, on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and also Microsoft Windows systems. It is the sixteenth game of the Battlefield series and the third title of the Ambient Series in Globe Battle II afterwards his precursor, Battlefield 1 (2016), was evaluated the First Globe War.
The reception prior to the launch of the video game was mixed, with the news of the trailer that caused violent responses by the collection of the series by the level of historic inaccuracy and also the incorporation of females soldiers. After its launch, Battlefield V obtained typically beneficial reviews of doubters, being commended by its playability however criticized by the shortage of first content and lack of development.
In spite of that, on June 9, 2020, he obtained his last update, where even more realistic components were included in the game, such as German and British attires are extra according to the moment unlike previous variations, they additionally included Even more realistic characters (as general and soldiers of German and American infantry, authorities of Luftwaffe as well as USAF, amongst others), tools, lorries, maps, and so on. This produced a positive reaction by the area as well as even a campaign was performed so that developers will remain to include content to the video game.

There is no longer a secret that the ego shooter Battlefield 2042 is plagued by numerous problems. This has meanwhile led that even cheat providers have turned away from the game. Above all, the pace in which urgently needed fixes appear, according to many fans is too low. Even the developers are now too.

What do the developers say about the current problems?

Justin Waive has recently expressed Via Twitter for the release speed of fixes for Battlefield 2042 and especially Battlefield Portal . He works at Ripple Effect Studios, i.e. the team, which is primarily responsible for Battlefield Portal. In his tweets, he was right to those fans who complain about that the fixes would not appear fast enough.

Thank you for talking that. You’re not wrong! We just need to long to solve these things. Something that should have just been simple, proves to be very complex. But… look for an update Next week. There will be a gradual approach to improve progress in Bf Portal.

Accordingly, the developers look very well aware that the fixes for Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now €47,58 / €53.99) and Battlefield Portal should actually appear faster . However, there are probably some problems in the compilation of these fixes, so the release lets each longer be waiting to be previously accepted.

Should the hints of Justin Waive preservation, is expected in the next week with a new update . When exactly it appears and what changes it brings with him, he did not reveal.

Source: Twitter

Battlefield Portal: We explain the mighty editor

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