We’ve all heard the saying that heroes come and go, but what happens when a hero comes back to life – 300 times? This is the story of one man who broke a 10-year-old record in the German MMORPG Tibia to become the first person ever to achieve this feat. Read on to find out how he did it, and why it never felt quite right.

In the German MMORPG Tibia there is a very unusual and secret success: You need to learn that a harmless innkeeper is in fact a vampire.
For ten years, no one had been successful in winning this unusual success up until a player now reached to the severe to reach him.
What sort of success is that?
Success is one of the rarest and most mysterious in the history of the German MMORPG Tibia, which has actually been produced in Regensburg for more than 25 years.
The success is hot his true face.
Throughout a quest, gamers go to the innkeeper Arminius.
With a particular mission step, there is a tiny opportunity that Arminius will teleport the player in his basement and can be recognized there as a vampire.
If you experience this as a gamer, you get the success his real face.

As a Polish MMORPG page reports, nobody had succeeded in maintaining this success for 10 years (through mmorpg.org).
There is no clear technique known how to accomplish success: go to people, for instance, every day this innkeeper, hoping that he might be vampire.
It likewise indicates the greatest chance of seeing the vampire, there is a mission action that sends you to Marius.
In any case, success remains in great demand.
Gamers experiment with how they can attain success.
A gamer now utilized severe methods to secure success.

players kill himself so often that his level is deep enough

How did a player get him?
A magician named Ia Go has desire to preserve success: the player, who was over Level 200, has more than 300 times killed from December 14th, as can be seen from his character log (via.
Due to the fact that you can lose experience in Tibia and likewise lose levels when you pass away, he dropped from over level 200 to level 6 with this suicide marathon.
He lost further stages every 30 seconds.
As the Polish MMORPG page reports, he was ultimately able to go back to the start area 34 times in this level marathon to repeatedly assault the mission chain, in which he had the possibility, assaulted by Arminius.
After 4 days, on December 18 at 12:57 p.m., he finally handled to be killed by Arminius and to get the popular success.
When MMORPGs still had tricks, ## Tibia comes from a time.
What is unique about success?
Tibia originates from a time prior to MMORPGs were standardized and decrypted: Trainees in Regensburg were developed and does not follow any textbook: At that time there was nothing and the creators of the video game needed to smash themselves together, as MMORPGs function and tick.
Therefore, special and perplexing things in the MMORPG that radiate a mythical flair are always extremely possible.


To this day, the developers still have to inform too much about such tricks, however let gamers discover them themselves.
As an outcome, such secret successes are hunted and deciphered by players by themselves, this develops excellent stories and strange techniques.
In MMORPG before WoW there were still big tricks:.
Guild wakes 22 years of age dragons in an MMORPG-brings up the whole server against himself.