Pikii announced that the domestic PS4/Nintendo switch version of the popular rogue action game The Binding of ISAAC: Repentance , which is currently distributed to PCs, will be released on November 24, 2022. 。

This work is a random-generated rogue action game, and a boy Isaac, who fled from a mom seeking sacrifice due to the telling of the heavens, adventures underground dungeons and confronts tears as a weapon, and has a variety of secrets hidden. I will discover.

In addition to the past work The Binding of ISAAC: REBIRTH (Legend of Isaac: Reverse) released in Japan, many new elements from AfterBirth, AfterBirth+, and Repentance which are not released in Japan are added In addition to being performed, the game balance and graphics have been expanded in all aspects, and you can experience more evolved games with additional new bosses and endings.

  • The combination effect is infinite for more than 700 items.

  • 17 or more playable characters with different status, abilities, and attack types.


  • More than 300 enemies that appear randomly and boss characters with more than 125 individuals.

  • In abundant game mode, more than 40 challenges, 600 or more unlock elements.

  • True ending has also been added, and there are more than 20 types of ending. The end of the story is clear! ?

  • Numerous areas that appear randomly! Room design of more than 22,000 types.

  • A lot of uchi!

The domestic PS4/switch version of THE BINDING OF ISAAC: Repentance, which can be played for quite long, will be released on digital (5,300 yen) and package (5,800 yen). The package version has a stuffed animal, a special booklet, and a cosmetic box as a limited bonus for the first quantity.

At the same time, it has been decided that the day’s day THE LEGEND OF BUM-BO of THE BINDING OF ISAAC: Repentance will be distributed this summer. This work is a puzzle-based deck-built rogue-like game featuring Bambo that appeared in THE BINDING OF ISAAC. Four tiles with the same pattern will be attacked and defended, and the battle will be advantageous with the effects of spells and trinkets, and customization with coins. The target platform is PS5/Nintendo Switch.