Traditionally, the Super Bowl, in which the annual champion of the National Football League (brief: NFL) is chosen, is among the biggest sports events in the world.
The television spots that can be changed throughout the event are accordingly in demand.
Like numerous teasers published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, fans of God of War: Ragnarök or the God of War series will get their cash’s worth this year.
For instance, a teaser was made available on Facebook and Instagram, which speaks of A Schnesturm on February 12, 2023.
But that’s not all.
The game press was also included.

a snowstorm in Midgard?

The English-speaking colleagues from MP1st got an email from Sony Interactive Home entertainment, which implies: PlayStation invited the fans to keep their eyes open on their social channels to keep more surprises and celebrations for the most popular PS5 titles
to experience the fans.
Today Odin’s Raven found a brand-new teaser on the Instagram and Facebook channels of PlayStation Canada, which predicts a snow storm in Midgard for this Sunday evening.
To see how all of this develops, the huge game is going to turn on this weekend.
What is hidden behind the entire thing is still uncertain.
Due to the high expenses related to an appearance in the television sports to the Super Bowl, it is left out that just a brand-new trailer for the God of War: Ragnarök readily available given that November 2022 need to exist.
Instead, speculation in the instructions of a DLC or a new growth or an application of God of War: Ragnarök for the VR2 virtual truth headset published this month.


The report mill is also considered a complete brand-new announcement.
We discover more on the weekend.

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