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LOL: The play of a lee without taking advantage of an enemy mechanics to use it in his favor

When we talk about mechanics in League of Legends, there are endless combinations with synergies that surprise us more and more. Some have a very simple like Garen and his regeneration of his life, while other champions such as Riven have an endless cancellations of attacks that cause the champion to be a very different depending on the hands to control them.

This student started off really good, but will never carry because of this

This time, we will talk about an extremely difficult champion but that is quite fun to play if we completely take advantage of all the champion’s mechanics and combine them with those of the rival: Read Sin . The blind monk is a character capable of turning the game with just one kick, and although he has not been in a group fight, he has left the enemy Leblanc without words with an interaction that would never think it happened.

Under the name of “Godzillatosis” in Reddit, the user wanted to share through this social network the play that left him stunned due to how unexpected it was. As many will know the definitive of Lee Sin is a kick that sends the enemy objective away from the fixed place; In addition, you can also lift all the enemies who cross with him and cause your allies to take advantage of them. Well, this Lee Sin used this ability in the duel against an enemy Leblanc, with the peculiarity that it was the copy of him and not the original . While it seems like a flagrant failure, it turns out that it was a strategy from the beginning.

For those who do not know, Leblanc’s clone returns to the champion’s side if he is far from her. What happened? Well, with the definitive still active and Lee Sin, he moved so much to the copy that when returning to the original place, he gave the champion fully causing her death of her and a play to the memory. Knowing this type of mechanics makes the difference between an experienced player and a new one, since he is able to analyze all situations and make the most of his skills for his own benefit.

While he is not the only champion capable of doing this type of interactions, if he is the most spectacular of all of them due to the difficulty of performing all these movements in a few seconds. Hopefully the player has won the game and we will see this type of exceptional plays that we can only applaud and study.

4-person Cooperation VR Zombie FPS “After The Fall” New Content Additional “Frontrunner Season” Introduction Video Released

The Netherlands Indie Beloper Vertigo Games has published the Frontrunner Season Trailer of “ After The Fall ” on February 22.

This game has been released in December 2021, with a single play, up to four cooperation and VR-only FPS corresponding to match multi cross-platform play.

This time, a video introducing new elements that appear in the coming months in this work to add content by the season system.

# Horde who intercept the large group of zombies appeared in February

Horde of new game mode appeared soon during February. Added “JUNCTION” and “Highway” Battle with the best weapons prepared with a large group of zombies that can be pushed on two types of Horde maps, and fighting to survive as long as possible. In addition to being adopted an endless rule, another variation will be added in the future.

# New map, enemy, weapons, skin addition added

“Boulevard” for Harvest RUN (harvest operation), “Stockpile” map for PVP, PVP, all kinds of enemy “Free-for-all” rules appear in March. This PVP update also adds specifications that make a reward to the top players per match.

A new enemy “SKIMMER” is also added in March. A new weapon will be added from February to April, and “Revolver” appeared first. It is suggested that the light machine gun and the assault rifle appeared. An unlocked Skin of the new player who can be unlocked in the game’s goal achievement, and the weapon skins are scheduled to be added in March.

These “Frontrunner Season” content is that you can use it free of charge in “Launch Edition” currently on sale.

In the future, the content will be added regularly, “After The Fall” is on sale for PC (Steam) / Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 and RIFT (crossbai compatible) for 4,100 yen / 3,990 yen. On 25, domestic PS VR version will be released. Currently, it is accepted at each store with a booking version of Koch Media sales package version.

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