[Data provided: T1]

** \ – Planning for athletic power, including a living legend ‘Paker’,

\ – I am actively involved in the on-offline events and challenge.

Domestic League (LCK) (LCK) (LCK), a total of 10 times the winning and winning winning E-sports team T1 and the domestic short-looking platform ‘Cellar Fee’, and Cells Corporation has entered into partnership.

Celeration is a Korean-style short-form platform that represents a K-Culture, which is an official model, a black pink index, including a large number of singers, MCs, and actresses. Recently, based on the popularity of ‘Korean Wave’ and ‘Short Form’, we accelerate global entry into Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand and India. This partnership is aimed at expanding the convenience to ensure that T1 and Cells Corporation are distributed throughout the world to more vigorous and closely communicate with the T1 player.

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For this purpose, the T1 player ‘Jausu’ Choi Woo-hyun, the ‘Owner’ Moon Hyun-jun, “Kuma Yui”, It is scheduled to go to fans with content that contains only personality. In addition, we will actively participate in a variety of online events and challenges and try to get closer to fans who cheer themselves.

Celerbie Korea Park Sung-hoon said, “It is proud to have a partnership with T1, which has a popular popularity in Korea as well as Korea as well,” said Park Sung-hoon, ” I told my enterprise-enemy effort. “

‘Pakers’ Human Hyuk said, “I am glad to be able to communicate with the fans in a new form of short form,” he said, “I will show you a variety of T1 player in the cellby,” in the future. “