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FC Bayern worried? corona

Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal, who used to train FC Bayern Munich, must give up his journey to the draw of the World Cup in Qatar next Friday.
The reason could disturb fans and responsible persons of the German record champion.
According to his corona infection, he can not yet provide the negative PCR test necessary for entry into the desert state, said Van Gaal after the 1-1 of the Netherlands against the German national team in Amsterdam.
“I’m still positive, these are the residual symptoms of the coronavirus,” said the 70-year-old.
But that did not stop the former coach of Bayern, but not stimulating himself after the classic with national coach Hansi Flick and his former Munich Schützlingen Thomas Müller and Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Julian Nagelsmann discusses ‘anxious’ situation for Bayern Munich | ESPN FC

He is apparently not contagious anymore.
At least one hopes at the Säbener Straße.

Open World Action RPG “Gotham Knights” to October 25 release. Battle to protect Gotham City after death

Gotham Knights - Official Court of Owls Story Trailer

WB Games announced on March 9, Action RPG “ Gotham Knights ” to be released on October 25. The corresponding platform is PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC. This work is also sold for domestic. Perhaps it will be released on the same day in Japan.

“Gossum Knights” is an open world type action RPG that is set to Gotham City. In this work, James Gordon of Gossum City Police, who was Batman, Butman, Gossam City Police, who was his understanding, has already died. As a successor to Batman, four people of Bat Girl, Nightwing, Red Food and Robin will protect Gotham City. Gossum City consists of five sections, and players will block criminals with solo or other heroes.

The four player characters have different combat methods. For example, Bat Girl is skilled in a variety of combat styles such as kick boxing, Capoeira, and Jiujitsu, and fought Tonfar as a weapon. He is also excellent in technologies such as computer and system hacking and coding, and demonstrates its ability to find information. On the other hand, Nightwing has a very good acrobat technology, and mainly defeats the enemy by making full use of two Escrima sticks.

Redfood is familiar with various combat technologies using all the weapons of ancient and modern northwest, from classic to the latest technology. Inheriting non-killed combat techniques from Batman. And Robin loses a collapsible quarter staff with a trailing technique. In addition, tactics combining psychology and behavioral science can be used.

With regard to “Gossum Knights”, a storytile railer has already been released. Among them, the existence of a mysterious organization that manages Gossum City behind. The organization of “Courtributs of 梟” is considered to monitor the city, and it has been shown that Bat Girl, Nightwing, Red Food, Robin explores and fighting the location and thought. It will be a big enemy to defeat in “Gossum Knights”.

“Gossum Knights” will be released on October 25, PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC.

WoW: Weltboss Antros

After a week of patch 9.2 is launched on 2 March finally the third season of WOW: Shadowlands . In the plain text, this means that the new raid mausoleum of the first opens its gates, the new mythical-plus season starts and the new World Boss Antros finally becomes available. The latter is likely to be interesting for almost all players, as it is not only quickly defeated, but also good loot in the luggage – if one belongs to the lucky.

At Antros, objects with ITemlevel 259 are waiting for you. That’s a whole corner better than that, what most heroes are currently wearing. In addition, the world boss will donate the kill’s whopping 500 points call at the enlightened – and also everyone likes to take advantage of it.

9.2 Zereth Mortis World Boss Antros Location shadowlands

How do I come to the new World Boss Antros?

This is the big question that is often read today in the chat of Zereth Mortis. Because the World Boss is waiting for a floating island all the north of the new area. The answer is actually quite simple.
The northern teleporter brings you to the northern island. Source: World Boss In the north of Zereth Mortis, you will find a teleporter. This is not associated with the other telephones, thanks to which you can travel between the refuge, the cave of the banner and the nature of the pilgrim. Instead, he only brings you to a destination, the northern antezedency island, where world boss Antros is waiting for you . But beware: between the boss and you are still a few nasty opponents who can quickly beat the one or the other careless player out of the slippers – you know now.
Antros himself has little to oppose you. Source: World Boss

Antros can not much like all other world bosses. Is not before him, deviates the impact of the large balls and is not in black surfaces. Distribute now and then if you have a circle around you and finished. After you have cut down the tens of millions of life with your group, hopefully prey awaits you. Are you waiting for Antros and is one of the lucky ones who were allowed to look forward to a 259 item?

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