CHRIS such Due a drug that debuted in the summer of this year and that sadly, it went unnoticed by many people. The game presents quite interesting mechanics that involve travel in time, and has now received a new update that adds a lot of content.

This update is already available on all platforms where the game is, and in the case of the Nintendo Switch, it is promised that there was a drastic reduction in terms of loading times.

Clash Quest Update (Reaction 6 Days Later ????)

Today’s update adds a lot of new functions to the game, including a new character, ADR, who will unleash its robotic mechanisms to all those who want to challenge it.

Users may also have the opportunity to boast their skills in the new and improved Coliseum, where they will face against waves of enemies that will offer incredible rewards.

In addition to these additions, this update adds a new end to such Chris (with a totally new kinematics), drastically reduces loading times in switch and more.

It seems that it is a great time to revisit CHRIS such or even start it for the first time, since the experience should be much better now. Here at Atomic We reviewed it at the time and if you want to know what we found, click on the following link.

Editor’s Note: It is a shame that you have passed somewhat unnoticed between the community, especially because it is a great RPG. The game is still available at Xbox Game Pass, so I suggest you give it a chance if you are a fan of this genre.