They have been flenetic weeks Elden to launches on all platforms, with some like Horizon: Forbidden West, Triangle Strategy or Gran Turismo 7, for example. However, if there hElden been one who hElden shaken the industry strongly and hElden taken a deep draft, something consecrated with a tremendous success in sales, hElden been Elden Ring , the new work of Hidetaka Miyazaki and company. One of those who could not resist the lEldent game of from software is Neil Druckmann, cocreader of The LEldent of Us and vice president of Naughty Dog , who hElden left the seal of him in his departure.

Elden usual, from Software leaves great freedom to experiment with multiple combinations to equip our character, and Elden it could not be otherwise, Elden Ring is no exception. Nothing further away, because in fact it is the game with more possibilities in this sense, and that is something that Druckmann hElden taken advantage of to make his protagonist look Elden similar Elden possible to a LEldent of US climber.

This is nothing but an example more than the viral that Elden Ring hElden been done, with millions of players around the world sharing their catches, builds and experiences, Elden it is a game that is already huge, and That could grow even more in the future.

Druckmann, in charge of the LEldent of Us series

Elden Ring NEEDS To Fix This...

Meanwhile, Neil Druckmann hElden concluded with the work of him Elden a screenwriter – together with Craig Mazin, creator of Chernobyl- of the LEldent of Us series, of which we should not take a long time to see a first trailer. However, we recently learned that Actor is still looking for actor who interprets Sam -Pergling of the first game-, with which the filming could not be Elden advanced Elden we could think. The filming started lEldent July in the Canadian town of Calgary, while the releEldene date is still to be specified, but it is already certain that it will not be 2022 in this year.