The first installment of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most popular games in the Cod series and carries with it a legacy many fans still enjoy. In this article, I will be listing 7 reasons you need to play this game.

Call of Duty season 3: Modern Warfare was launched yesterday and fans seem to enjoy it up until now.

New cards, customizations and weapons have all been contributed to the standard multiplayer offered with Modern Warfare.
Nevertheless, the most intriguing addition to the game need to be the intro of groups of four men in the Battle Royale War zone mode.
It is a very valued modification in War zone, some fans have expressed their concern about the fact that there is no alternative for Duos.
If their friends do not, it turns out that a lot of people do not like to play with vagaries.
Duos are a typical phenomenon amongst the remainder of the scene of the royal fight.
For any factor, Infinity Ward did not have the impression that it was vital adequate to add to War zone this time.
You can constantly have fun with one other person, but you will be strongly disadvantaged.
Even if there are only two people in your team, you will constantly get out of it with other teams of 4 men in Verdant.


Although it is possible to win and even go far in a match, it will be a hell of an obstacle.
A handful of advertising posters have been divulged in the days preceding season 3, and it appears that the duos’ mode is always on the menu.
There is, obviously, no calendar for the addition of duets to the video game. It is likely that it will be as soon as possible.
War zone is one of the most popular games on earth and Infinity Ward has done an impressive job by listening to the problems of the community (at least compared to what they were).
Expect that other modifications get here in War zone in the coming weeks.