The Busan Metropolitan City and the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency will hold the final round of the National Team of Harthstone, Hangzhou Asian Games on the 24th at the Busan e -Sports Stadium (Brena).

The selection will be held on the 22nd, the first round (online) and the final development on the 24th, and will be broadcast live online. The final selection will be held at the Busan e -sports stadium on the 24th. All players and visitors who visited the site are given the back of the Golden Sky Hearthstone Card.

130 Hearthstone users were supported by the selection, and 122 people participated in the screening. 32 people are covered with the first round, and the final selection is 36, including one player who scored the most points in the first -time Hearthstone Grand Masters this year, and one player who scored the most points in the Masters Tour this year. The people participate.

Pres.-elect Yoon to hit Busan, wrapping up 3-day regional tour of the south
Two players who have been in the quarter -finals in the Swiss round Robin, and two players who have won the finals will become the national candidate for the Hangzhou Asian Games Hearthst1. They will be confirmed as the final national team after approval of the Asian Games Games Improvement Committee and the President of the Korea e -Sports Association. In addition, they will also be offered the fourth Masters tour of this year.

The selection will be broadcast live on Hearthstone e -sports official YouTube channel, Hearthstone official Twitch channel, Korea e -Sports Association African TV channel, and Naver channel. The relays are Ki -Hoon, Lenea Wars, Suksi Ho, and Shim Ji -soo.

Meanwhile, Brena will hold the second round of Overwatch X T.E.N Special Match on the 22nd. O2 Blast, Talon, WGS Phoenix, and SLT are attracting attention from Overwatch fans nationwide. For more information, visit the Busan Esports Stadium (