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Action game in semi -world

Regular readers will know that we are not big fans of CG trailers, but we will make an exception for Hell is us. This newly announced action title adopts an intriguing and strange tone in its first teaser, which presents Strange hollowed -out human bodies and a masked silhouette with a large brilliant sword.

According to the press release, it seems that Hell is us strongly focuses on exploration. Creative director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête explains: “No need for a detailed quest journal or a precise waypoint on the map: we want the players to feel the thrill of the adventure, guided by their feelings and their instincts. »»

Of course, we do not yet know what the real gameplay looks like, but this trailer has attracted our attention. A quick overview reads as follows: “Hell is us is an action-adventure game in the third person which takes place in a semi-open world where the main character undertakes to know more about his past in a ravaged country through civil war. The self-sufficiency of the country hides a dark secret: the recent appearance of supernatural creatures resembling old tombstones and monuments of the region. Citizens call this phenomenon “calamity”. Armed with weapons specially forged to fight these monsters, the protagonist must learn to beat them and use his equipment wisely. »»

Pokemon Sword episode 43 slumbering weald and a champion time!

Hell is us aims at an outing in 2023 on PlayStation 5, but are you interested? Try to avoid walking on all bodies in the comments section below.

Xbox: Activision acquisition (Call of Duty) by Microsoft takes an important step!

On January 18, Microsoft announced its intention to redeem the American giant Activision for a monumental sum. Of course, such a redemption was not going to be in a snap of fingers and it takes a while so that the acquisition process comes to an end. Three months later, this one advances well and it even has to take an important step, following the meeting of the boards of directors of the two companies.

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Activision and Microsoft await shareholders’ verdict

Obviously, all the stages linked to the acquisition of the American publisher will not be settled in the coming weeks, but things are gradually being put in place so that this transaction ends up succeed. As of this week, the acquisition orchestrated by Microsoft will take a new turn since next Thursday, April 28 at 6 p.m., precisely, Activision shareholders will have the heavy task of voting, or not, in favor of the ‘ Offer formulated by the Redmond firm.

For some time, the financial commentary period of the various companies in the videoludic sector is in full swing, and, very recently, Activision communicated on its latest results. Without getting into detail, or linger for a long time on the subject of his performances, the publisher has nevertheless slipped a very interesting little information around his acquisition by Microsoft.

* Xbox and Activision: the real consequences of the largest buy -back in industry

How the Microsoft & Activision Deal Affects Call of Duty and Sony - IGN Now

The acquisition approved by both parties

In order not to interfere with the current actions around this burning subject that is its potential purchase by the Redmond firm, the publisher has eluded the questions of its investors but wanted to counterbalance this silence by sharing a capital announcement In the implementation of this acquisition which should be completed by the end of the fiscal fiscal year of Microsoft ending on June 30, 2023, that is to say in the next twelve months.

Certainly, shareholders will be invited to vote this week, but on the boards of Activision Blizzard and Microsoft, it seems on the same wavelength. Indeed, the two parties both approved the transaction, while waiting for the regulatory authorities to conclude the study of the latter . Currently, precise details are carefully scrutinized, in particular “L’accès of the two companies with consumer data and the developers ‘labor market, as well as the impact of the workers’ agreement that accused Activision discrimination and hostility at the workplace ”. In itself, a new step of franchy while waiting for the result of the vote of the shareholders!

* Microsoft crosses a new level in billion with the buyout of Activision-Blizzard


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