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What are the drones in Fortnite and where can

One of the new things introduced in Fortnite in Chapter 2 of Season 4 is Stark Industries Drones. These little guys will fly around certain areas of the card, and if you shoot them, they can lose loot. The booty will include everything, shields to health, and even mythical objects like the Silver Surfer’s Board and the Grooves Bramble Shield.

Where to find drones

You can find drones on all Quinjet sites. At the beginning of a tour, the quinjets will fly over the combat bus and land in the areas of the map that have blue smoke. They are incredibly easy to spot from the combat bus. When you are approaching these floor locations, they will be reported by a jet symbol on the mini-card.

You must be careful when you go on these sites because they are monitored by Stark Robots. These guys will enlighten you if they see you and are armed with powerful laser weapons. You will want to try to eliminate them all in order to loot the area safely. If you wish, you can hack them after slaughtered them. Just run to them and press the Guest button and you will have a friendly drone that will follow you until it is destroyed.

*NEW* Loot Supply Drones in Fortnite!
Once you have treated all the robots, you can slaughter the drones. When destroyed, they deposit a loot matching on the ground. They can be an excellent source of powerful weapons, shield jugs and mythical objects mentioned previously.

Headland arrives on Switch on January 13

Today, North play announced the launch of its next Headland Action-Adventure game on Switch on January 13. The game takes place in a beautifully fantastic world, described as a small adventure on a great imagination.

Originally launched on mobile devices, Headland follows NOR’s history. A mysterious force destroyed the NOR imagination core, flying the color and inspiration of his world. It is in Nor to travel in the lush fantasy of his imagination to fight the monsters and gather the scattered fragments of his creativity.

Headland - Trailer - Nintendo Switch (Japanese)

While Headland offers a living world with a captivating story, the game focuses a lot on the collection and upgrading of resources. He will not be able to unlock weapons and collect resources throughout his trip. These resources will allow players to improve their weapons as well as they see fit, choosing how they want to play.

There is also a group of sympathetic robots that NOR will meet along the way to help him through his trip. It will be a difficult task for players to discover what is hiding behind this powerful force.

For its output on Console, North play has added a lot of new contents and features to differentiate the game from its original mobile version. For example, Headland’s Switch version promises to be a treat for new and old players.

Headland will be launched on Nintendo Switch on January 13 and arrive at PC via Steam this spring. You can consult the product page here or listing it on Steam.

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