Once you really begin to dive with Horizon Forbidden West, you will notice that the map is huge. This means that it is simply not a very viable option. If you do not want to walk everywhere, then you just need to find yourself a good Mount.

To override the car, you just need to find a suitable candidate and ride on it. As soon as you approach the unprepared machine, hold the triangular button to mount it. Now you can easily move in parts of the card using a new vehicle.

Horizon Forbidden West: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU

You should noted that the Maunta ride is not fully to protect you from hostile enemies. You will also find what you need to leave your hill when you are entering settlements and during study Verticul area.

Your Mounts will first be your way easily reach from different points on the map. You must also count on the overridency of quite many cars throughout the game, so we work out the skill around chain scratch recommended.

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