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How To Evaluate “NBA 2K23”?

The positive rate of 2k23 on Steam is only 28%. This generation of Pc has a perennial hand-playing dynasty mode. The game mechanism is well received, and the player content is harmful. This is the conclusion.

NBA 2K23: Good Reviews

The past seven generations are the only generation with the most balanced and smooth operation in dribbling, breaking, shooting, and passing control. The game operation is unified, and the computer and the player are not double standards.

Dribbling action and breakthrough with the ball – dribbling in place will not be stabbed away inexplicably, holding the ball close to your body and not dropping the ball, and will not hit the air wall when breaking through challenging, you can generally do disguised, retreat, Hip, and other movements without worrying about dropping the ball (anyone who has played 20-22 knows what this means). Oh, I almost forgot to say, this generation can slip through the bottom line usually (22 is practically impossible)

Shooting – the new shooting bar has a lot of adjustment range and feels comfortable (personally feel more prone to green), while not as close as the 22 once close to the consolidated or the defender slightly. If you raise your hand, you can’t make a regular shooting action, and 23 can maintain integrity when shooting.

Shooting action: Most of the player’s actions are captured, and the same action as in reality will be thrown in different situations.

Passing: The general situation remains the same, but the inside pass will not be inexplicably passed to the opposite side.

Operation: Inside action, dribbling action, alley-oop, and other aspects have been adjusted compared to 20-22 and need to be adapted (for example, the air-handling needs to be changed from double-click Y to double-click Y).
Press X to control the timing) Overall is relatively more cumbersome, but more actions can be achieved

In terms of AI – More intelligent than 22, both sides have excellent off-the-ball movement and a lot of tactics. If you want to play a classic game, the two sides are like you and me. 2K23 is cool, But if you want to abuse the food, then 2K23 can kill you. The computer opponent’s off-ball movement and screen intelligence are very high, and the shooting and breakthrough are decisive.

In general, compared to 2K22, I have narrowed the computer’s lead in the score by a lot, but I feel delighted with the game because I no longer have to envy the laptop that can run over my life.

I made a layup (and I couldn’t do it), the collision volume of the two sides was the same, and I could accept someone running an excellent tactic to score, but I couldn’t accept that someone was unreasonable.

NBA 2K23: Bad Reviews

This generation’s noodle supplements are pulling, as always! Historic Players. What Historic Players, What? What are those people who are not human or ghosts? ! A few points, Jordan had a new face patch on 23, and to be honest, it was significantly restored, even the blood vessels in the forehead. So, If you ™ 2K can do an excellent job of Jordan, then what happened to the narrow-faced little chicken Jordan of your previous generations? ! And obviously, you 2K are willing to be lazy players no matter their age.

They all have the same face, so why did 97-98 get a new donkey-faced Rodman when 95-96 Rodman was still okay? Are you working hard again now?

It’s not over yet. Among the active players, the big ball has been updated, and the face has been patched up. It’s called a good one. The facial texture and hair are all top-notch, and then what about Lillard, Antetokounmpo,
Butler and Leonard’s super giants will not update for a few years! You said that your 2K level is poor. Doncic has a perfect little face, and his hair, skin texture, and acne are even worse. Even the red face is perfectly restored, and then the old look of the fat little man next door is fixed. What is that?!

The ability value is the same as always!

I know that your 2K players’ attribute values are weighted differently when converted into ability values. The ability value does not necessarily represent the player’s absolute game level, but the new finals MVP Curry.

Why can’t the ability value be unique? Okay, even if it’s not the highest, it’s 97 points, the same as the letter. Why do you have to score 96 points with James and Durant? It’s not that these two are based on last season’s schedule.

Now also with 96?

Curry, an iconic player with one person and one city, has only 60 loyalty points, and James, who is constantly running, has complete loyalty. And what’s the funniest thing about it? You are going to die of laughter.
Inherit my flowers later. By the way, it’s still James, just last season’s defensive attitude. The defensive attributes of people inside and outside the line are over 80, and the defensive stability is over 80.

Player equipment is as bad as ever!

There is still no way to adjust headgear in this generation. Yes, headbands, masks, and other items are available in the original settings, but not if they are not. There is still no adjustment (there is no option at all)

In terms of sneakers, there are many types, but the color of the sneakers is not updated, and then brands such as Li Ning can’t wear them to players without a contract for sneakers. Of course, it’s more ruthless.
Is there no 361? Gordon has no shoes to wear in the game…

WNBA, as always, does not care!

To sum it up in one sentence, except for some of the top players, other WNBA players are probably not considered human in the eyes of 2K.
Just delete it if you like it.

Others don’t mind!
The most straightforward point, dynasty mode, player data, from 21 to 23, still has no statistics for October and November.

To sum up, regardless of the selling price and the buyout system, just talking about playing, the update of 23’s mechanism is very conscientious (only compared to 2k in previous years), and at the same time, there is no accident in the player content.

With extreme laziness, crotch pulling, and inattentiveness (in this way, 2k still ™ does not forget the original intention), it can only be said that this game has mixed reputation.

How to Earn MyTeam Points Fast in NBA 2K23?

It’s that time of year again – the NBA season is in full swing. But if you’re like most basketball fans, you also have another obsession – video games! NBA 2K23 is one of the most popular basketball video games on the market, and
with good reason – it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the game and simulate some of the great action on the court.

In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about MyTeam Points in NBA 2K23 so that you can rack up as many points as possible before the season ends.

Tips on How to Earn MyTeam Points Fast in NBA 2K23?

In NBA 2K23, the MyTeam feature is back and better than ever! With MyTeam, you can build your dream team of NBA players and compete against other players online or in real-life games.

To earn MyTeam points quickly in NBA 2K23, follow these tips:

  1. Play as many games as possible. You earn more MyTeam points for each game, regardless of the outcome.
  2. Use your MyPlayer abilities wisely. Every player has special abilities that can help her to win games, such as
    dunking, passing, shooting, defending, and rebounding. Use these abilities to your advantage to earn more MyTeam
  3. Collect rare player cards. Many rare player cards are only available during specific events or after winning
    certain contests. When you collect a rare player card, it will boost your MyTeam point totals significantly.
  4. Upgrade your team facilities. Each team has three facilities you can upgrade to make your team more powerful.
    Upgrading your facilities will give you an edge in games and increase your chances of winning.
  5. Collect coins and rewards from events and challenges. By playing in events and completing challenges

How to Unlock All MyTeam Points Rewards?

To earn MyTeam points quickly in NBA 2K23-League, you can do a few things. Firstly, you need to unlock all the available rewards. This can be done by playing games, watching videos, and more. Once you have unlocked all the tips, you can earn MyTeam points.

You can earn MyTeam points by completing tasks, winning games, and more. You can also use your MyTeam points to buy items in the Store. So don’t wait any longer – start earning MyTeam points today!

How to Get More MyTeam Points with Rare Coins?

If you’re looking to earn MyTeam Points quickly, you can do so by using rare coins. Rare coins are items that are not commonly found in the game. Obtaining a rare coin and adding it to your collection will increase your chances of earning MyTeam Points.

There are several ways to get rare coins. You can purchase them from the Store or other players. Finally, you can also, win them as prizes in games.

By using rare coins, you’ll be able to significantly boost your MyTeam Point earning potential.

How to Get More MyTeam Points by Playing Games?

There are a few ways to get more MyTeam points quickly. One way is to play games. Playing games will help you earn more points in the MyTeam game mode and increase your chances of winning rewards.

You can also earn points by completing challenges. Completing challenges will give you extra rewards and sometimes even add points to your MyTeam account. You can find all the latest challenges by tapping on “MyTeam Challenges” in the app’s main menu.

You can spend your hard-earned money on MyTeam points to buy packs of tickets that will give you an advantage in the game. Finally, you can also purchase MyTeam points with real money. This option is available on the App Store and Google Play store.

NBA 2K23: How to make Tokens quickly?

In NBA 2K23, players can earn Tokens through gameplay and spending real money on in-game items. Here’s a guide on how to make NBA 2K23 Tokens quickly and easily.

What are NBA 2K23 Tokens?

NBA 2K23 Tokens are a virtual currency that can be used in the NBA 2K23 game series.

How to make NBA 2K23 Tokens quickly?

There are several ways to make NBA 2K23 Tokens quickly:

  • You can buy them from the marketplace.
  • You can win them as rewards in games and tournaments.
  • You can convert other currencies into NBA 2K23 Tokens.

How to Earn Tokens Quickly in NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 is a great game that fans of all ages can enjoy. However, if you want to earn tokens quickly, you must know how to do so. The following are some tips on how to make NBA 2K23 tokens quickly:

  1. Complete challenges and events. Completing challenges and events will give you rewards that include tokens.
  2. Win games. Playing games will also award you with tokens.
  3. Purchase tokens with real money. This option is available if you want more control over your token collection.
  4. Earn rewards from friends and other players online. If you are playing with friends, you can often earn rewards such as tokens by helping each other out.

The Best Way to Spend Your Tokens in NBA 2K23?

If you want to make some quick tokens in NBA 2K23, you’ve come to the right place!

First of all, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough coins. You can earn coins by completing challenges, winning games, or purchasing NBA 2K23 tokens with real money.

Once you have enough coins, you’ll want to buy NBA 2K23 tokens. Tokens are a valuable currency in NBA 2K23, essential for upgrading your players and teams.

There are several ways to buy tokens: You can purchase them with real money, earn them by completing challenges or win them by playing games.


Tokens are a valuable resource in NBA 2K23, and you’ll soon need to generate more tokens as you play. This post will show you how to make tokens quickly and easily using MyTeam mode. Please bookmark this page for future reference as we update it with new tips and tricks as NBA 2K23 develops.

LOL Sentinels of light the failure of Riot in 2021 that still hurts the developers

Absolution | Sentinels of Light 2021 Cinematic - League of Legends
Although all the protagonism has taken it arcane, the event light sentinels also wanted to make history at League of Legends. Advertised to hype and saucer during the first stretch of the season, the story of the ruined king should have been the first step to a year of scandal for Riot Games. The successes ended up arriving, but that first stretch still feels bad in a developer who has now assured that, if he could go back, I would like many things differently.

The failure of a historic event for Riot Games

The problems in the progression system, the poor method chosen to tell what should be one of the most interesting stories of League of Legends or the failure that the unleashed Thresh Skin was despite being free were some great failures of the event. A chain of errors that gave rise to many criticisms of the community and which has now given the reason the head of production of champions Riot Games.

This situation, however, will not remain alone in this species of apology. Although it has not been a success, light sentinels has been very important for Riot Games when it comes to understanding how to manage the events of the game or what exactly awaiting the players of this type of celebrations expect. A situation that they have even promised to explain in a future development blog that will be launched before it ended next year.

Although not all the seasons of League of Legends will come marked by a great narrative event, we can expect the company to book a special date for introduce lighting ambition campaigns of light or spiritual flourish. In this sense, it is very important that Riot Games knows how to give on the key and take advantage of the recognized stumble of the past events to create something fascinating.

Fortnite Skin Nick Marvel Fury already available Price and content

Colonel NicholFury Joseph Nick Fury is a fictional personality appearing in American comic publications published by Marvel Comic books. Produced by writer/artist Jack Kirby and writer Stan Lee, he first showed up in Sgt. Fury and also his Howling Commandos 1 (May 1963), a second world war combat collection that portrayed the cigar-chomping guy Fury leader of an exclusive United States Military Ranger unit.
The modern personality, originally a CIA representative, debuted a few months later on in FantFurytic Four 21 (Dec. 1963). In Weird Stories 135 (Aug. 1965), the character wFury changed into a James Bond-like spy and leading agent of the imaginary espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. The character makes regular looks in Wonder publications Fury the former head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fury an intermediary in between the United States federal government or the United Nations Fury well Fury various superheroes. It is ultimately revealed that he takes a unique drug called the Infinity Solution that stopped his aging and also enables him to be active in spite of being almost a century old, later causing him ending up being the Unseen, declare of Batu the Viewer.
Nick Fury shows up in several Marvel series embedded in alternate universes, in addition to numerous animated films, TV programs, and computer game bFuryed upon the comics. The personality wFury very first portrayed in 1998 live action TV motion picture Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. where he wFury portrayed by David HFuryselhoff. A variation of the personality appearing in Marvel’s Ultimate Marvel imprint wFury bFuryed on Samuel L. Jackson’s look Fury well Fury display personality, with Jackson subsequently being cFuryt Fury the character in the Marvel Cinematic World, showing up in 11 films in addition to 2 episodes of the first period of the TV collection Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., with Jeff Ward representing Duke Shaw, a personality bFuryed on the initial Fury, starting with the 5th period. Jackson voices numerous alternative versions of Fury in the Disney+ computer animated collection Suppose…? (2021), and will certainly return to Secret Intrusion. The recognizability of the personality represented by Jackson in the movies later on led Wonder to retire the original personality, changing him with his boy, that is also patterned on Jackson.
A prominent personality over a variety of years, he hFurye to be a recognizable element of the whole Marvel Universe. He hFury often been considered an antihero.

Nick Fury reaches Fortnite Battle Royale Fury new skin. The director of s.h.i.e.l.d. of the comics of Marvel reaches the game Fury Skin. Just below we tell you everything we know about the Skin Nick Fury of SeFuryon 8 of Battle PFurys of Fortnite Chapter 2 :

Fortnite: Nick Fury of Marvel comes Fury a Skin; how to get it

At around 00: 00h CET on Thursday, November 25, 2021, on one of the FiestFury private server channels, data mining and Fortnite leaks, a change wFury detected in one of the character chains of the game. Specifically, the set 01 changed its name by s.h.i.e.l.d.. The next day, this same string wFury replaced by Nick Fury.

This refers to the organization of the same name of many of the stories of Marvel. They are the acronym of Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, which in Spanish would be something like Division of National Strategic Intervention, Compliance and Logistics. Your leader is Nick Fury / Nick Fury.

Nick Fury / Nick Fury arrived without prior notice with the Shop Change of the 01: 00h CET on Friday, November 26, 2021. These are all your available objects, and their respective prices in turkeys, the Virtual Currency of Fortnite:

Lot of Nick Fury (includes the Skin Nick Fury, the backpacking field backpack, the director’s ax collection tool, the first attack infiltration ship and the injects loading screen deployed): 2,000 turkeys
Skin Nick Fury \ + Backpack Accessory Backpack of C.A.M.P.O. : 1,500 turkeys
Director Ax Collection Tool : 800 turkeys
Ala delta First attack infiltration ship : 800 turkeys

Fortnite Item Shop New Nick Fury Bundle!  [November 25, 2021] (Fortnite Battle Royale)
Fury always that we publish news of this type, we leave you several things that you must take into account:

These objects are purchFuryed with turkeys, a virtual currency that we buy with real money. The rate of change is currently at €7.99 per 1,000 turkeys.
Both this Skin and your accessories will remain for a limited time at the Fortnite Battle Royale store. You may then return to the store, although nobody knows when.
We can use the accessories without problems in all Fortnite game modes : Battle Royale, creative and save the world.
All these objects are cosmetic ; They do not affect the game in any way beyond being visual modifications.

Gruev about the Werder

Many people, more than usual, believes Ilia Gruel, would have turned on the TV on Saturday night, to look at the game between the SV Welder Bremen on the FC Schalke 04, alone due to the events. The prosecutorial investigations for vaccination and the subsequent resignation of Chef Coach Markus start and co-trainer Florian boy have completely shaken the club on Saturday.

Are you also interested in topics related to Ilia Gruev Games?

That the team on Saturday just ten hours before the second division game without coaching, the 21-year-old Gruel has not experienced in his even short career as a footballer yet; But he also referred to the far experienced Welder professionals, which were initially surprised in the morning after breakfast by the declaration of resignation. That makes something with one, says Bulgarian U-21 international.

And we have shown that we can do that.

Ilia Gruel

In particular, the Bremen leadership players would have worn out the team, even more closely coming together and for a consciousness à la we have to go through to worry, Gruel explained: And we have shown that we can do it. In the recent 1: 1 draw against Schalke prevented Welder at least to be suspended in the table midfield of the 2nd league. At the sideline, the interim initial successor Daniel Djokovic had the command, but after a corona infection, the Austrian for the upcoming match at Holstein Kiel is on Saturday evening (20.30 clock).

Beginning must be in quarantine

Werder Bremen: „Das macht schon etwas mit einem“ - Ilia Gruev über das  Aus seines Förderers Anfang
According to Spiegel, Mark was also stated in the beginning as a contact person of the 34-year-old and must also be quarantined on the order of the Health Office Cologne, where its initial residence is located, because he can not present a valid vaccination certificate — especially since this is the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

For the time being, Genomics feature has now Christian Brand, Welder’s U-19 coach, who is to be supported by Cedric MariaDB. It’s blow to blow, Gruel said about the memorable Bremen Trainer Roche of the past days. In training, however, the midfielder has not detected no giant difference to the predecessors, especially since brand continues with Djokovic in exchange: We do not worry that everything is wrested up now.

Trainer question? Honestly, we do not care about us

The fact that the final enforcement is still in the coach search so far still in himself, is honestly, we do not care, Gruel said with a view of the sporting focus of the team and tried to demonstrate professionalism. We have to do it to hide the drummer.

Whether this or next week a decision in the coach search case is not the topic of players. That the track leads to Ole Werner is considered very likely. That this will not come against his ex-club yet to his Welder debut, but also. With Holstein Kiel, where he is under contract until the end of the season, an agreement of a change to Bremen is still out.

Thanksgiving in the NFL and the Detroit Dallas

This write-up details one of the most sold video clip games all the systems, in addition to video games sold greater than a million duplicates on the different existing platforms.

#8 Dallas Cowboys & Detroit Lions Game Day Tradition | Top 10 Thanksgiving Day Moments | NFL Films

On the fourth Thursday of the month of November is one every year come: the United States celebrates the national holiday of Thanksgiving — although citizens in a row due to Corona the festival are not to make so sprawling in the second year rather, even if the number of cases currently not as high rise as in Germany, the US State Department which is why at this time insistently warns its citizens against traveling to Germany. Back to football Thursday this week: On the table there is, as every year in many places a huge feast — and the boob tube of American running from morning to night favorite sport.

Thanksgiving is in North America since 1863, a special holiday — and also a very special day in American football. The first two games are doing, always fought for many years in Detroit and Dallas, the third and only since 2006 practiced annually match ever-changing teams takes place between two.

This year, the NFL served the constituency again a full three-course meal after it (would last Thanksgiving with the Pittsburgh Steelers have been a guest) last year due to corona cases with the Baltimore Ravens had come to a game shift.

So now again three games in a row: It starts here at 18.30 (CET) with the NFC North Division duel between the still completely winless Detroit Lions (0: 9: 1) and Chicago Bears (3: 7), which are by last five defeats in series closely, in terms of play-offs and the fans on top of that already Head Coach Matt Nagy have considered in a loop with whistles. It follows from 22.30 (CET) the obligatory home game of the Dallas Cowboys (7: 3), which has recently caught with two defeats in three games and there is this year on holiday with the last also stumbling Las Vegas Raiders (5: 5) to get done. In the night from Thursday to Friday then (2:20) nor New Orleans Saints (5: 5) followed vs. Buffalo Bills (6: 4). Both teams have recently allowed defeats and now need again a success, to make pressure on the top in their respective division and get the play-off chance.

tradition — in favor of two teams

But why should actually Detroit and Dallas always occur before a home crowd, so no long journey must start and can look forward to a special image?

An astute businessman

Story Detroit: In this country, it might not be so well known that the Lions be hosting a home game for many decades always the Thanksgiving holiday (!). In the US, however, this issue is omnipresent — and meets with other teams sometimes also mad at. Finally, each franchise from higher ratings and an exclusive TV slot and the increased interest at would benefit. But this fits an old German proverb: First come, first served! And the Lions were just a long time ago, the first team to respect Thanksgiving shot ahead and got the ball rolling.

Firmly anchored to Thanksgiving: the Detroit Lions. Imago images / Icon SMI

The Lions were established in 1929 in Portsmouth as Spartans. George Richards, former director of Radio Station World Junior Records (WAR) finally transported over the team in the big city Detroit.

To attract more and more fans in the subsequent period, the owner ordered the 1934 to let football get on Thanksgiving Day. Here, the potential supporters have finally released, time and money can spend team football for her. The plan worked: As the clever manager Richards was in fact with his radio station part of NBC Blue Network, he brought the manager to the first game (16: 19 loss to Chicago) to transfer more than 94 stations nationwide.

And although success can not be determined from a purely sporting point of view for the Lions is (manageable balance of 37: 41: 2, last 2020 20:24 against NFC North rival Chicago), it is clear: Detroit has significantly contributed to Thanksgiving has become a football feast with the family for countless Americans.

For the NFL itself, the move turned out, along with the measures subsequently also be very successful, as it was finally able to establish a team in the Motor City in the fifth attempt. In addition, the Detroit Lions 1935 World Series won and just before the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup could win twice in a row (1936, 1937) secured the first time the NFL title, the same year as the Detroit Tigers for the first time.

Cowboys secure second place

Has the Dallas Cowboys thanks Thanksgiving made as large as they are today: legend Tom Landry. Imago images

Story Dallas: The proud cowboys were allowed to go to Thanksgiving for the first time in 1966, marriage the procedure from 1978 and until today became regular. And just like the Lions, the makers of the Texans also hoped to polish their image with this special holiday appearance. Said, done — and again clever planners were at the work. Because the franchise established itself at Legend-Coach Tom Landry, who trained between 1960 and 1988 and the Cowboys 1971/72 (24: 3 against Miami) and 1977/78 (27:10 against Denver) to Super Bowl Victory led. America’s team was born. The then General Manager Tex Scram contributed great to marketing technical success during this time — among other things, he established the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

The Thanksgiving Balance of Dallas, which is commonly referred to as America’s team, commonly known as America’s team due to today, many fans — as mentioned, last year with 15:26 against the Buffalo Bills, meanwhile looks like this: 31 victories, 20 defeats, a draw.

Game number 3

In short, since 1934, the Lions is already wearing the first Thanksgiving home game, marriage since 1978 Dallas always adjoins Detroit with a lot of domestic scenery. However, to allow others of the 32 NFL teams to enjoy, the league has been leaving a third, always flexible duel since 2006 (this time Steelers vs. Ravens). The additional profit from this: From over six hours of football entertainment are thus well over nine — and the US holiday Thanksgiving is medial in the hand of football, which is of course rippling for the NFL. Specifically, because of several business enterprises powerful advertising for the upcoming Black Friday Plus can be switched to the subsequent Cyber ​​Monday.

Save 15 at Daystrike Camo Special Edition Xbox Series X

This is a checklist of games for the Xbox video clip game console.

You can never have too many controllers. Whether it’s the latest hi-tech progress in technology or a cheap copy for your child, which can use it while throwing and throwing around. The highest quality controllers for those who own Xbox consoles, however, are the officials developed by Microsoft.

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Well, if you like the color red and camo prints, then the Day strike Camo Special Edition Xbox Series X | S Controller is definitely the best option available for the most powerful Microsoft consoles. And if you want to enter the Multiplayer or Campaign released from December 2021 in Halo Infinite from December 2021 in Halo Infinite, then the pattern of the armor of the Banished with its black-red focus.

This controller has become even better thanks to a sweet Black Friday deal. It is currently available at Best Buy in the United States, with a discount of $15 compared to the usual price of $69.99. If you live outside of North America, unfortunately no savings are displayed on this controller. However, those in the UK can buy it for £59.99 in the Microsoft Store here, which is currently the cheapest price.

Unboxing Xbox Daystrike Camo Special Edition Wireless Controller – Xbox Series X|S

With the latest functions, including improved rumbling, improved handles and the key layout of the Xbox Series X | S, you can optimally use both old and new Xbox consoles.

If you are looking for more games to test the controller, look at our selection of the best Xbox Series X games.

The Federal Ministry of Transport wants to promote strengthen accessibility in games

The Spike Video Game Honors, presently called VAX, were an annual honors event, held from 2003 up until 2013 by Spike Television (in Chile by Television, in Spain by the 6th and also Brazil by Red 21), which you choose the finest video games of the year. In its galas, trailers are normally presented from these that will additionally pertain to the future, to reveal themselves to the media. They have actually constantly been celebrated in the United States cities of Los Angeles as well as Santa Monica, The golden state, along with in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The rewards have actually received criticism by choosing the nominees and also winners based upon the players’ area. The victors are selected via online by the public, which has caused some fields of the specialized criticism to consider the prizes as a plain appeal contest. On the various other hand, the gala is a fantastic event for the discussion of Some titles that will certainly appear in years to find.

Anyone who operates a developer studio in Germany and meets some prerequisites can apply from the state game promotion. These subsidies do not have to be repaid and may amount to several million euros. But to get the promotion, the games must meet certain requirements. Exactly these rules were adjusted again for the next round and defined more precisely. Among other things, there are clearer prerequisites with regard to the accessibility of games.

Ministry of Transport delivers update of the conditions for video game promotion

It’s about it: The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMI) promotes the development of video games in Germany with the help of subsidies. Overall, the state wants to invest 50 million euros annually. In order to get part of it, however, the developer studios must submit applications for promotion and their games must meet some conditions. Some of them have now been specified more detailed.

So it works so far: As reports, after a pilot phase with 230 smaller and medium-sized games since September 2020 have already been granted more than 100 applications for large projects. Various studios, which obviously attributed to SMEs, have received grants in the seven-digit euro area, i.e. over a million euros.

Next Round starts: Now the next round of Games promotion should be initiated, for which the BMI has turned to potential applicants. The capacity call declares that sufficient means available and from December 1st, the new round starts promotes. For those applications can be made from the beginning of December, too new conditions.

New more accurate rules: Some aspects of the funding conditions have now been reformulated again and more accurately. Above all, which concerns the topic of accessibility, the applications must now explain exactly how to ensure that as many people can play the subsidized titles as possible. This can happen, for example, by button remapping, more optional subtitles, additional options and much more.

More about accessibility in games:

Accessibility in Gaming | Logitech G Roundtable
Accessible games: Accessibility is much more than subtitles and difficulty levels
Horror games: Where accessibility begins, the scull mood must not stop
Fora Horizon 5: Accessibility features offer sign language, reduced game speed and more

In addition, in the new conveyor call, it was also determined once again how it has to be detected that the developer studio has already completed a prototype. This should happen, for example, with the help of trailers. How exactly it continues with Games promotion in Germany, it remains exciting: Currently, it still remains unclear whether something changes with the new government, or whether the Ministry of Transport will continue to be responsible.

How do you find the new, specific requirements for the video game promotion?

Offers Black Friday at Epic Games Store More than 900 games with great discounts

Epic Games Store hOffers BLACK given the output pistolletazo to its BLACK FRIDAY 2021 offers. The company’s Store responsible for Fortnite and Unreal Engine hOffers BLACK activated a promotion that affects more than 900 video games, including editions Complete and downloadable contents; With sales ranging 10% up to 95% discount.

Offers BLACK FRIDAY: 15 PS5 and PS4 games essential in PS Store

Offers Black Friday in Nintendo Switch: 25 Amazing games for less than 20 euros
Offers BLACK FRIDAY: 15 essential games for Xbox at reduced price

BLACK FRIDAY at EPIC GAMES STORE: Discounts on hundreds of PC games

The BLACK FRIDAY Offers at EPIC Games Store will be available through the EGS website from this Tuesday, November 23 Until next Tuesday, November 30, when the Cyber ​​Monday is terminated. Apart from Dungeoneering, Never Alone and Kid to These Exhibition, free throughout this week, we have remarkable titles Offers BLACK a control with a 70% discount; Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition with 50% discount; Cyberpunk 2077 with a 50% discount and Offers BLACKsOffers BLACKsin’s Creed Valhalla with also 50% discount.

You can consult the complete list of duty titles by the Black Friday in Epic Games Store through this link. Once in the search engine (quick access here) we can select titles by price, gender and features. For example, video games of letters, careers, cooperatives, below twenty euros…

Featured Offers at Epic Games Store by the Black Friday

Red Dead Redemption 2 for 29.99 euros (50% discount)

HUGE Black Friday PlayStation Store Sale On Now! 10 Must Buy Black Friday PSN Deals!
Far Cry 6 for 49.79 euros (17% discount)
Grand Theft Auto V by 14.99 euros (50% discount)
Hitman 3 for 23.99 euros (60% discount)
Offers BLACKsOffers BLACKsin’s Creed Valhalla for 29.99 euros (50% discount)
Cyberpunk 2077 for 29.99 euros (50% discount)
Borderlands 3 for 14.99 euros (75% discount)
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for 24.99 euros (50% discount)
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Got Edition for 9.99 euros (80% discount)

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