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Classic Dragon Ball adds to another streaming platform

A few days ago we told you that the first adventures of Goku were joining the service of Crunchyroll , thus being the first time that this anime reached a streaming platform in Mexico . And now, it is confirmed that another company is also adding these origins of the character, and the best thing is that you do not expect any time.


As of today, users who have a subscription in Claro Video can access all the chapters of Dragon Ball Classic, with arches that cover from the search for the dragon spheres, to the defeat of Piccoro in the Martial Arts Tournament. So it will be quite nostalgia for the most veterans.

It is worth mentioning that users with the internet of Telmex can access this platform without problems, since they have a kind of agreement to offer the package to their customers. In addition, the audio of the series is available in Spanish in Latin America, thus being the perfect experience for those who seek to see the origins of the franchise.

In content related to Dragon Ball. A couple of minutes In case you want to take a look before it is officially revealed, we invite you to pass the full note by this link .

The Remasterization of Age of Mythology Age of Empires producers have new projects

After years of waiting, on October 28, finally came to the stores Age of Empires IV offering the public a return to height for one of the great sagas in the field of strategy in real time. The video game has before it a future loaded with novelties, with a support that joins other launches of the series such as AOE II of and AOE III, but there are more projects underway in the series?

Is Age of Mythology as Good as you Remember? | Retrospective Analysis

According to the LinkedIn of Noble Smith, Narrative Director at World’s Edge, the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary in charge of ensuring the RTS franchise, work in unanswered titles as well as in other Transmedia projects. No more details have been offered, so in social networks it is already speculated with an Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition Although, we repeat, there are no clear signs about it.

However, in spring Adam Is green, creative director of the franchise, said to be perfectly knowledgeable about fan’s desire to see a remaster of the classic of Ensemble Studios: I have not forgotten Age of Mythology. No one in World’s Edge He has forgotten Age of Mythology and I do not think anyone in Relic Entertainment has forgotten it either because it goes to the surface all the time, he said.

In 2022, 20 years of Age of Mythology launch will be held, so it could be the perfect time to bring back this spin-off delivery that proposed to players leave historical recreation to fight with mythological creatures. Meanwhile, you can check the Age of Empires IV analysis of Comrade Alberto Pastor, where he showed him the enthusiasm for Relic Entertainment.

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