During the Petrov from the Opera mission, you will certainly encounter an enigma in which you require to place four ballerinas to open the door.
A conversation with each ballerina offers you several options for positions, so the puzzle can be challenging if you do not know what positions to pick.
Here’s exactly how to place the statues of ballerina in Atomic Heart.

Statue of the ballerina postures in the atomic heart of Petrov from Opera Objective

Ballerina posture have to represent the shadow of dead soldiers.
If the ballerina was holding or striking the last blow of the shadow of a dead soldier, Correct positions discard the shadows that look as.
To alter the ballerina present, talk as well as come with it, after that select the appropriate posture in the discussion parameters.
Right here are the right presents for every ballerina, beginning with the very first entryway to the hallway:
Ballerina 1: Cross in the 5th placement, hands in the 3rd position
Ballerina 2: Elev in the 5th setting.
Get rid of.
Hands totally free as well as vertical in the till
Ballerina 3: Connection
Ballerina 4: à la second, without weapons
After choosing the ideal postures, the door will certainly open up, bringing you closer to Petrov’s discharge.
Be mindful, since additionally at the degree you will certainly discover a hard battle with the employer.

In Atomic Heart, intricate puzzles await you, including a screening landfill where you can get drawings of weapons, items and much extra.


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