A few weeks ago, the new plans that are referenced by the restart of films of the DC universe were announced, and that is that the new CEO of this division of films already have their plan drawn.
The film that will open is Superman: Legacy, which has not yet revealed to its protagonist actor, and before this Jack Black took the opportunity to joke.
Through an Instagram publication, it can be seen how the actor makes a sketch in which James Gun himself has spoken on him on the phone, mentioning that he can interpret the steel man.

So after the revelation he has put the suit and put at hand to work to save the world through Hollywood, something that fans liked.
In the comments all kinds of opinions were seen regarding the interpretation of Jack Black, some mentioning that he is the perfect actor for the role and others that would fit for some type of official parody, either live action or animated.
Even James Gun himself commented on this, saying that Black did not wait for the official revelation in the Comic-Con.
This track by Gun clearly indicates that we will see more of his plans in the San Diego convention, where Marvel will surely also enter to reveal the first advance of The Marvels, a film that had to delay its premiere for a few months, this as part of
The new more spacious content planning, whether series or movies.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: Without a doubt, Jack Black is a comedy teacher, so his sketch has been by much one of the most fun.
It will be a delight to hear him make Mario’s voice in a few more months.