Returning to places is great if you have a great photo memory, however what happens if you do not have it?
Boys of the Woodland has an ideal option for you.
There are these GPS losers that, after activation, will function as markers of the Sons of the Forest card.
If essential, possibly you know what air marks are and exactly how we can insert them into travel luggage in order to track it.
Well, these GPS losers operate in the very same method as what remains on the subject that will certainly be tracked.
These tiny gizmos can be easily found throughout the island’s map utilizing purple markers.
After you got it right into your very own hands, you can quickly trigger it and also track any kind of object throughout your life.

just how to put markers on the map

In the Sons of the Forest, these small GPS losers can be discovered throughout the island.
To locate these tiny devices, you need to find purple factors with exclamation signs on the map.
Go to the local to choose it up.
Violet factors will certainly look as received the photo of the card listed below:
The majority of the time you will certainly find these Kids of the Forest GPS-gaps on corps or on things left by other individuals.
Having received a GPS-Locator in your hands, you can equip it any time by opening an orange box in the stock.
Much like the flag needs a pole to depend on it, a GPS loser also requires a post to ensure that it can unwind.


From the supply you can gear up the support pushing the right mouse button, and afterwards the left computer mouse switch in the place where you desire it to really stick into the ground.

Children of the Woodland will promote your job if you have several GPS papers on the island, and you want to distinguish them.
To do this, you can attach every person with a symbol when equipping a GPS gap.
In the stock, placed on the GPS void and also, by pushing the ideal mouse switch, choose any type of symbol that you desire on it.
You simply need the last click with the left mouse button to place the GPS gap on the top component of the stick, so that it functions as markers of the Sons of the Forest card.
The GPS Locator, as quickly as it is triggered, will certainly move the area for endless time and also can be ideal if you want to return to any type of location.
If for some factor you intend to get rid of the GPS-Locator, you can hold as well as push C on the console to eliminate it.