Ash Ketchup accompanied us in the Pokémon anime for several years, yet soon it is time to state farewell.
Not because the series finishes, however since Ash has ultimately fulfilled his largest dream.
In order to familiarize you with the new generation beforehand, we summarize all the details right here.
Last update on February 26: We have the most recent details for you such as launch in Japan

Release: Start time of the new anime

So much, the release date of the brand-new collection is just known in Japan.
The anime is confirmed for the continuing to be countries, yet the start is not yet clear.
In Germany, we are also still waiting for the last episodes with Ash.
Start of the new anime: April 14th (previously just in Japan).
Right here you can see the brief teaser from 1:03:.
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the new personalities in the Pokémon anime.

Along with the retired life of Ash, there are obviously totally new personalities that are waiting for us.
Including 2 brand-new lead characters, whom we will present you to the complying with.

this is Like.

Like is one of the two brand-new major personalities as well as primarily worn blue.
Your emerald eco-friendly trailer and your hair clip are omitted below.
If the shape seems acquainted to you: it is the motif that was emblazoned on the initial Cap of Ash and means the Pokémon Organization.
It is quite possible that Like’s objective is to also become a master.
As we additionally see in the teaser, she seems to begin the journey as a student as well as has a bond with the companion Pokémon Flora.
You can see an art work about Like here:.
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this is Roy.

Roy’s resemblance to Ash is less complicated to recognize than with Like.
The new character is entirely dressed in red, yet has an extremely similar style of its caps to the combination of t shirt and also vest to the brief pants.
Nonetheless, we still have to see as well as wait whether the similarity is unexpected or wanted.

various other personalities.

Along with the lead characters, just a couple of information have actually been revealed, but we already recognize a minimum of one additional figure and your partner Pokémon:.
Fried: Like and Roy accompanies Fried Ace on their journey through the brand-new region.
His partner is there a trip captain Pikachu.

that’s why it can function in the tale.

For a long time we complied with Ash’s journey, however with the new series we likewise return to the beginning.
This time we obtain two lead characters: Like and also Roy, as they are contacted the Japanese version.
Both are leaving adventures in the Pokémon globe, so they simply seem to begin their journey.
We already recognize several of the Pokémon that appear in the new series.
The Parmesan/purple starter Flora, crowd and quarks are there.
In the brief Japanese intro we can also see a Shiny Rayquaza.
The legendary Pokémon originally comes from Pokémon Rubin as well as Sapphire.
Both protagonists also suggest that the 3rd generation can play a bigger duty in the brand-new series.
Like puts on an emerald necklace and both are each worn red and blue.
It continues to be seen just how much old and new will really be blended here.
Also, a lot more about the Pokémon anime.
Pikachu obtains a makeover in the Pokémon anime… and comes to be a flight captain.
By Eleven Range.
Ash can finally obtain his initial epic Pokémon in the Pokémon anime.
By Eleven Range.
Pokémon anime: The name of the new episode currently offers us cozy fond memories piece.
By Samara Summer.
What’s next with the previous Pokémon anime?
Prior to the new series 2023 beginnings, Ash and also Pikachu are effectively passed.
From January 13, 2023, the last phase of both will comply with in a total of eleven in Japan.
It is not yet known when the successor collection will begin with us.
Will you look at the new anime or are Ash to a lot?