After James Gun just recently provided us a take a look at the first chapter of the brand-new DCU, we still don’t understand who will actually slip into the roles of the various superheroes.
And now it appears like that you most likely break new ground when filling Batman.
Gun and saffron also wish to entrust Bruce Wayne to a new star.
It was just a long time ago that reports made the round that a Batman star from The Flash could remain for the DCU.

numerous Batman looks in the Flash

Several former Batman actors play The Dark Knight once again in The Flash.
This consists of, for instance, Michael Keaton, whom we have actually already seen in action in the present trailer for the DC film.
And Ben Affleck also slips into the match once again.
A cameo appearance by George Clooney, which was most likely discovered on the set, is also currently being hypothesized.
He played Bruce Wayne once in 1997 in Batman & Robin von Joel Schumacher.
Christian Bale is likewise possible to return a mini.

DCU gets brand-new Batman

At the weekend, James Gun answered concerns from the fans on Twitter again.
He made clear of the fact that we can depend on a new Batman in the coming DC Universe.
Naturally, the filmmaker has not yet revealed who it is.
His response to Twitter was just brand-new actor.
Listed below we integrated the Batman tweet from James Gun.

no change in The Batman

Fans of The Batman and actor Robert Atkinson, whom we saw for the very first time in 2015 as Bruce Wayne, do not have to fret.


The sequel will run separately of the new DCU.
When continued by Joker with Joaquin Phoenix, it is similar.
On July 11, 2025, the starting signal for the DCU is supposed to be in the cinema with Superman: Legacy.
Source: ComicbookMovie
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