Even if John Cena might no longer be a full-time wrestler for WWE, the former WWE champion is still among the most popular artists that society still has today.
And unsurprisingly, Cent was consisted of in the last WWE of 2K WWE, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, as a playable wrestler.
WWE franchise is a moon of the 8 superstars that must be opened through the video game campaign mode, and it is a bit of a procedure to do so.
That stated, let yourself be directed by what you need to do to open john cena in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

To open john cena, you will first have to go to the Detroit part of the project mode.
In order to advance in Detroit, you will have to finish the very first 5 parts of the campaign: New York, Florida, Mexico, Boot Camp and Scotland.
You will then have access to this part of the story when you have actually done this.
In the ruining part of the project mode, you need to complete these occasions in the main story:
Beat The Mid in a match 1 versus 1
Beat The Rock, Bobby Ashley and Luke Gallows in a fatal match at 4
Beat The Fiend Bray Wyatt in a match 1 against 1
Beat Braun Strongman, SGT.
Slaughter, The Mid and Ricochet in a Gauntlet match
As soon as you have actually reached these goals, you can go straight to the tail end of the campaign mode, which takes place in WrestleMania.


You will have to achieve a series of secondary quests to unlock Cent in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.
After winning the Gantlet match, you will need to prosper in the following parallel occasions:
Beat Bobby Ashley and Shine Nakamura in a triple Danger match
Beat Braun Strongman, Drew McIntyre and Mankind in a deadly match at 4
Win the Royal Rumble match
After completing these matches, make sure to scroll until the Royal Rumble’s right and press A/ X. You can then open john cena.