The third episode of The Last of Us is already considered one of the best chapters in the history of television.
The attention that Bill and Frank has received is something that surprised some, but has also caused contempt for homophobic people.
Given these negative comments, Nick Offer man has given the task of responding in a concise and effective way to these users.
Through his Twitter account, Nick Offer man, who is responsible for playing Bill in the third chapter of The Last of Us, responded to a homophobic comment made by a user of the social network.
This was what he commented:

Friend, your way of demonstrating ignorance and hate is exactly the reason we make stories like this.
The original homophobic comment, as well as the responsible user, have been eliminated, so that Offer man’s response had an impact on his life.
Although the third chapter of The Last of Us has a great positive reception, it has also suffered from Review Bombing, where people have granted negative qualifications for the love story between Bill and Frank.
On related issues, this was going to be Joel’s actor in the series.


Similarly, the premiere of the next chapter is advanced.
Editor’s note:
I cannot understand how in the middle of 2023, people continue to criticize productions for showing us love stories starring LGBT+people, especially when they are very well done, and the representation is successful.