This Wednesday (8) Riot Games revealed new Skins from the Astronaut theme to the League of Legends.

The visuals will be released in update 13.4, which arrives in the second half of Feuary, for champions Jazz, Vern, Kennel, Singed and Death.
In the video below you can see what the skins look like inside LOL, it is worth remembering that they should arrive soon to BE, the developer’s public test server for MOB.


New Astronaut Skins in LOL

The visual splash arts have not yet been revealed by Riot, but should be shown soon by the company.
Astronaut fizz
Kennel Astronaut
Singed astronaut
Death Astronaut
Before the skins announced today, the characters had this look: Nautilus, Teems, Ram mus, Hagar, Poppy, GEAR, Mackie, Cali and Bard.
In this alternative universe of League of Legends, champions always appear with astronaut costumes, in space, surrounded by different types of bard miles, which appear in green and purple in the arts.
This alternative universe of skins is linked to the visual Odyssey, of which Jinx, Yahoo, Son, Twisted Fate, Khan’six, Civil, among other champions are part.
At GEAR Astronaut Splash Art, for example, you can see a Jinx Odyssey doll.
In addition, MILES can also be seen in the base return animations of several Odyssey skins.
In the current Patch of LOL, which was delayed because of the hacker attack that Riot suffered, the game will receive the AMU MU, Caitlyn and VI-heart skins, who suffered with censorship in some servers of the game because they show the two champions in love, which
It is not approved by some countries around the world.
This is not the first time Riot Games censors stories of its LGBTQIA+characters, which has happened to K’Santa and Leona and Diana as well.