Fanatic Valiant’s head player, Turkish Emir Alphabet Ali Beer had his family hit by the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria at dawn on Monday (6) and, so far, has killed more than 5
One thousand people.
Alphabet’s family got stuck under the rubble of one of the buildings hit by the earthquake, but is doing well and is not at risk of death.
Shortly after he learned that his family had been hit by the earthquake, Alphabet called for help to locate them and know their health.
A few hours after the appeal on social networks, journalist George Geodes, from Portal Dot Esports, said he contacted Fanatic’s Pro Player to reassure him and confirm that Alphabet’s family was well and safely, despite the great
Alphabet also went to social networks and reported that several friends and acquaintances are among the missing after the earthquake, and has used their social networks to ask for help and demand support from the Turkish government in the search and identification of the victims.
According to the Turkey government, this is the worst earthquake that has hit the country since 1939, that is, the largest of the last 84 years.

In addition to Turkey and Syria, tremors also reached, although to less intense countries such as Israel, Lebanon, Iraq and Cyprus.
Alphabet is one of the players who will play VCT Lock In, the first International Valiant Championship since the creation of the Riot FPS franchise system.


The championship will be played from Feuary 13 to March 4, at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium in São Paulo, will have the participation of 32 teams and a total prize of US $500,000, being $100 for the camp
azil will be represented by Loud, current world champion, Curia and Mir.
The VCT Lock In will have the 32 teams gathered in a single key and will be played in the knockout format, with simple elimination, which means that a single defeat in a MD3 series represents elimination.
The model adopted by Riot was widely criticized by the community, including fans, pro players and coaches.