Working Christian Acts: The Ghanaian professional was buried in the Earthquake disaster in the Turkish-Syrian border region.
The former gamer of the Premier League clubs FC Chelsea and Newcastle United is still in the ruins, stated Mustafa Oath, Vice President of Ats us Club Hayatspor, on Monday evening compared to the Play Sport online platform.
Reports that ASU was recuperated from the ruins alive remained unconfirmed in the late evening.
We hope for you, Christian ASU, tweeted Chelsea, amongst others.


The 60-time global was switched to the Superbly Club in September.
The association comes from the city of Antalya near the Turkish-Syrian border.
It was only on Sunday that the 31-year-old won the winning objective for his team against Kampala.
According to official info, more than 3000 people have actually been killed in the heavy earthquakes, and countless structures had collapsed in the Southeast Turkey alone.
The number of injuries is in the five-digit variety, a number of people are still missing out on.
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