Dakar Hamlin launched a campaign for the best behavior in medical emergencies a month after his cardiac arrest.
As part of a social media difficulty, the 24-year-old, together with the American Heart Association (AHA), spreads out details about the technology and use of cardiac resolution.

This saved his life, and she might also conserve your life or that of a liked one, said Hamlin in a video he shared via Twitter.
The # 3forheart Obstacle provides 3 steps.
The visit to the 3 websites, where there is a one-minute instruction video for the behavior in an emergency situation, consisting of a heart massage.
The 2nd step is a contribution to the AHA, in the 3rd step the individuals should win 3 good friends for the obstacle.
Hamlin put the job in highly popular hands.
He nominated The Goats, he stated, the greatest: Tom Brady, LeBron James and Michelle Obama.
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Defensive gamer Hamlin had actually suffered a heart attack in the NFL main game of his Buffalo Costs at the Cincinnati Bengals, he needed to be restored on the field.
He then spent a total of 9 days in 2 clinics.