As the East Westphalia announced, the agreement with the long-time coach Frank Cars tens will expire at the end of the season, a change in the position will be in your home after more than 8 years.
Frank is a careful employee and an excellent analyst. He constantly comprehended to keep the morale of the team at a remarkable level even in tough circumstances, says the statement of the relegation-prone Bundesliga club.
Cars tens, who played for Minded for three years after the turn of the millennium, related to the viewpoint of our club and accompanied lots of young gamers on their way to the Bundesliga expert.
The coach leaves numerous traces of the green-whites.
In Cars tens’ time, the descent 2015 and in the season afterwards the direct return.

Ever since, the club has been playing first-class and made it through some heart beat finals in the relegation battle.
It is hard to let a fitness instructor who has been linked to the club for numerous years, stated Handling Director Nils Torbrügge.
GWD is known for holding on to its coaches for a very long and also challenging scenarios. However, we have actually concurred that we desire to break brand-new ground.
After the change of handling director last year, GWD wishes to continue the structural change at the level of sporting management.
Torbrügge: I am glad that this tough choice made early and that all celebrations have clear facts.
Now it is necessary to schedule the relegation in the existing season.
Minded currently ranks 17th and hence the penultimate rank with just six points.
The conserving bank is presently three points away.