There are a couple of difficult months and years behind the cinema industry.
When Corona pandemic swept over mankind in 2020, she started a vicious circle.
Cinemas had to close or were only permitted to make a minimal space contingent readily available, the sales fell or broke entirely away, movie studios delayed movie starts and at times might not produce a new content.
In the meantime, Corona policies apparently come from the past.
Now the energy crisis and the associated high inflation satisfy the industry with full force.
Avatar-the Method of Water also supplies full movie theaters in the seventh video game week and with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania The next hit from Marvel will begin soon, less and fewer individuals are going to the cinema
The factors for this taken a look at the marketplace research business S&L Research study.

marketing research: That is why less people go to the cinema.

Avatar-the Method of Water has now transferred to 4th place in the list of many effective films ever.
Germany is currently the 3rd greatest market with 8.6 million visitors up until now.
And yet a market research study by S&L Research study reveals that the cinema industry is anything however over the mountain.
As part of a survey, 18 percent of all participants have not been in the cinema because the last major Lockdown in the summer of 2021.
In addition, 34 percent of possible visitors confirmed that the importance of the cinema had actually suffered from their leisure activities.
There are several factors for that.

market research: Is cinema too expensive?

A range of reasons are offered as factors for the sunken value of the cinema in the collection of S&L Research study.
The variety ranges from no desire to no intriguing movies.


Only 8 percent stated that the rapid schedule of films in streaming suppliers such as Sky, Disney or Netflix contribute.
Nevertheless, 20 percent confirmed that the basic variety of streaming and house entertainment leads to going to the cinema less.
In the first place of the factors for the sunken status of the cinema in personal pastime, they can be found as too high costs.
When going to the cinema is viewed as rather weak, a study by the JFK also points out that the price-performance ratio.
It is obviously an issue that the consumer just compares the system rate of a cinema card in the past.
While a ticket cost around DM 8 in 1995, around 7.70 euros (for instance in the Cineplex Group) are due.

This just applies to the basic ticket.
If you desire more unique locations in concepts with 3D, excess length and better noise, it is rapidly due to which the rate of a cinema card can double.
If you compute admission for a multi-member household consisting of treats and beverages, a check-out to the cinema is an extremely cost-intensive experience.
And then the movie needs to validate that.
Blockbusters like Avatar 2, Leading Weapon: Maverick or the brand-new superhero movie by Marvel might validate this in the perception of the cinema fans.
Smaller films will probably have more tough.
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