The Game Awards is a video game award show by the Academy of video game arts and sciences. It takes place during the industry’s largest trade fair, the E3 in LA, USA. In 2018 there were 103 million viewers of this prestigious award show across all platforms combined.

The awarding of The Game Awards was again a big success this year from the point of view of the variety of viewers.
The event of December 8 saw official info according to 103 million viewers.
Compared to the previous year, there are more than 18 million viewers who have followed the award of the trophies and the newest announcements from the world of video games.
Considering that the very first game awards, considerably more viewers have been added every year, as Geoff Kafka, mediator and developer of the program, showed in a list:
2022: 103 million
2021: 85 million
2020: 83 million
2019: 45.2 million
2018: 26.2 million
2017: 11.5 million
2016: 3.8 million
2015: 2.3 million
2014: 1.9 million
You can see the recording and list of winners here.