League of Legends has been released in 2009 and since then their team of developers, designers and other functions have always tried to keep in touch with the players’ community, after all, the game is part of their daily lives.
In this way, a series of news has already been revealed between rioter and players conversations such as new reworks, skins ads, among other examples.
However, in recent months, especially when it comes to LOL, the rioter do not seem to have been very active on social networks, which made the community slightly worried.
Perhaps the end of the year had something to do with it, but in fact the reason is different.

The explanation came through Rioter EarthS lug, Wild Rift’s skins chief, who in his personal Twitter account said the rioter no longer want to talk about things they no longer know about whether they happen.

Only what is sure will be disclosed

For anyone who is wondering why rioters are quiet about plans for the future, despite the various questions about this theme. We don’t want to promise things that can change. We just want to talk about what we know with 100%
Sure it will happen. Sending hundreds of messages asking for more information will not help and will not change what is already planned for the future of games, said EarthS lug.
And to prove my point, I cannot say or deny any skin for next year of Wild Rift. However, there will be a new line of exclusive skins for WR coming to Wild Pass in the middle of the year, said the rioter, who
Despite leaving the community a little disappointed, at least ended its statement with good news for the LOL Mobile community.
This way, it seems that Riot has taken a step back in its communication with the community, probably to start advertising news only when it is 100% right.
This change may be a little sad for the community, but it will certainly avoid headache for the developer and frustrations for fans.


It is worth remembering that recently, Riot announced that Nexus’s blitz mode will not return in 2022, as it had been promised the year before, which generated a large wave of disappointment in the community.