December 2022 will be remembered, among other things, for very sad news for the world of cinema such the death of Angelo Badalamenti at 85 years of age.
The American composer h delighted us with his music in numerous films and series, especially on the many occions in which he h worked side by side with David Lynch.

We believe that today is a good day to recommend Twin Peaks, the 80s phenomenon series and the most successful work of the binomial formed by Lynch and Badalamenti.
A production that h an authentic legion of adepts, and that you will surely know perfectly, even if you have never seen it.
We give you 5 reons to discover it… or to enjoy it once more.

Twin Peaks, why is it so special?

  • Lynch in its purest form: issues of tte on the margin, it is undeniable that the works of the eccentric director do not leave anyone indifferent.
    Twin Peaks is a mystery story, murders and, at times, terror.
    But it is also something we can always expect from David Lynch: surrealism.
    long time goes by, there are moments and scenes that we will never get out of our mind.
  • Who killed Laura Palmer?
    The starting point is the terrible murder of a very popular girl among the inhabitants of Twin Peaks.
    A tragedy that leaves the people of the town in shock, since until then it w a quiet and cozy place.
    They are not slow to form a thousand and one theories, while the doubt about the identity of the murderer h us in suspense for much of the series.
    However, the story keeps many more secrets and some elements that seem key, sometimes they are nothing more than the tip of the iceberg…
  • The red room: it is one of the most characteristic elements, and an authentic myth of cinema.
    It doesn’t matter if you know Twin Peaks or not;
    You have seen numerous winks in other works even if you don’t remember it.
    One of the best knowns is the famous Simpsons scene, in which Homer sees on television a horse dancing with traffic light, and another in which Lisa behaves strangely and burns a letter in front of Clancy Wig gum.
    In fact, the double chapter called Who shot Mr. Burns?
    It is a tribute to the series.
  • Dale Cooper, unique in its kind: even if you have never seen Twin Peaks, it is most likely that it h crossed with hundreds of images and gives of the eccentric agent drinking coffee or drinking audio notes with a recorder.
    Interpreted by Kyle Lachlan, the special agent Dale Cooper is forced to become familiar with the inhabitants of the town, creating ties with many of them and wrapping himself in a thousand and one mysteries.
    One of those ces in which the figure of a character is more than enough to see a series.
  • By Angelo Badalamenti: we said in the headline, he is no longer there, but his music endures.
    Your stamp will remain forever on lost road, a true story, blue velvet… and Twin Peaks.
    Both the main theme and several pieces of its soundtrack are a fundamental part of the success of the series.
    And for sample, a button.
    Or rather, a song.

Where to see Twin Peaks in 2022

Currently, the series is not available on any streaming platform.
Luckily, for years it can be purched in DVD and Blu-ray formats in specialized stores and large surfaces.
In addition, there are several editions available, such this complete pack that you can buy on Amazon.

extra: Have you played Deadly Premonition?

Yes, this is a little caught with tweezers, but it is not surprising that there are young people who did not see the series at the time and who h enjoyed Deadly Premonition.
The game is a great tribute to it, from beginning to end.
All his characters are recreated with another name (York is Cooper, Anna is Laura Palmer, Sigourney is logged lady…), all part of an identical murdered, there is a mysterious red room, a huge hotel, a sawmill… and a murderer
which prevents Green vale inhabitants from reconciling the dream.
If you know its story, you can intuit what will happen on Twin Peaks and vice versa.


If it is not your ce, and it turns out that you saw the series, but you have not played the title, then you are obliged to do so;
It will surprise you.
Available on PC, Xbox 360 (retrocompatible in Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S), PS3 and Nintendo Switch (Origins version).