One for All is one of the most powerful quirks in the entire universe of My Hero Academia, held by the Izuku Midoriyama series, also known as DEU.
However, One for All is not only the normal quirk of him, but a storage quirk, which houses several quirks within himself and can be transferred to a new user.
The Quirk of each one for all user has added to this reservation, which makes One for All one of the most interesting, versatile and powerful chicks that exist.
Fortunately for DEU, he is the first one for all user capable of accessing the peculiarities of previous users and is learning to dominate each of these skills in his search to become the best hero in the world.
If you wonder what each skill does, we have everything you need to know.;
Here are all the peculiarities of One for All in My Hero Academia.

All for all Quirk in My Hero Academia


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Stockpile is the quirk of the first one for all user and brother of All For One, Chichi Ibaraki.
After it was presumed that he had no peculiarity during most of his life, his brother forcibly implemented a peculiarity of storage within him.
This made Chichi discover that it was not Quirkless, but that he had a Quirk without other power than to be able to transmit it to others.
The fusion of these two Quirks became what is known as One for All, and Chichi passed it to his successor in the hope that one day he would become strong enough to defeat his brother, All for One.

Changing lever

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Gearshift is the Quirk of the second One for All user, which allows the holder to alter the speed of anything that touches.
This allows the user to manipulate the force improving the speed and pressure of their attacks or making the objective lose control of their impulse, which gives it a useful advantage in many battle scenarios.


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Fa Jin was the Quirk managed by the third Use for All user.


FA Jin allows the user to accumulate and store kinetic energy while moving and then releases it for an explosive explosion of speed and power.
This Quirk is a powerful ability within One for All, which gives the user a lot of mobility and impulse.
In addition, the user can choose to use only small bursts of energy at the same time for multiple increases in shorter speed and power.

Danger sense

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Danger Sense is the quirk exercised by the fourth user of One for All, Image Shinobi.
The Quirk gives the user a sixth sense, allowing him to detect threats and close hazards.
While this is not the most striking quirk in the world, it is as important as any other Quirk in One for All, since it gives the user the opportunity to react to negative situations in advance.

Black whip

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Black whip is the Quirk exercised by the fifth User of One for All, Diego Banjo.
Black whip allows the user to create and manipulate black tendrils of dark energy from any part of their body at will.
These tendrils can improve user mobility and grab long-range objects or threats.
Black whip also seems to be driven and improved by emotions, specifically anger.
This means that the more angry the user is, the stronger the Quirk becomes.

This is a powerful Quirk to have as an asset for One for All, especially in heated battles fed by hatred.

smoke curtain

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Smokescreen is the Quirk that belongs to the sixth Users of One for All, in.
As the name of Quirk suggests, Sunscreen allows the user to generate thick smoke clouds from his body in a wide area to obscure the vision of his opponent and take it with the Guardian Baa.
While Smokescreen has no offensive potential, it is a solid support asset for One for All’s skills.
He even has the potential to combine tactically with other Quirks, so I can’t wait to see DEU take the most of this on his journey to heroism.


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Float is the quirk of the seventh user of One for All and predecessor of All Might, Nana Chimera.
Float allows the user to levitate and float in the air and, thanks to the additional power of One for All, even allows the user to fly at high speeds.
DEU has already successfully demonstrated some powerful combinations of this Quirk, such as when he combined it with Black Whip to fight in the air and prevent his friends from falling.

That is all you need to know about every peculiarity of One for All in My Hero Academia.
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