Argentina and the Netherlands have been on a collision course for over a decade, as long time rivals in soccer after the Netherlands eliminated Argentina in 2010 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals. On 13 July 2018, FIFA announced that they had launched an investigation into both associations after a heated 1-1 draw.

As the World Association revealed on Saturday, the Argentines will be implicated of possible injuries to Post 12 (misconduct of managers and gamers) as well as Post 16 (order and security in video games).
The Dutch, on the other hand, is just about the possible misbehavior of supervisors and players.


The video game in front of 88,235 viewers in the Lugsail arena ended up being increasingly more heated up with increasing season.

One or the other unsportsmanlike sneaked into the already intensive duels.
Towards the end of the routine season, there was a first pack development of a number of tumulti-like scenes ought to follow until the last end.
In addition, the gamers were likewise told during the penalty shootout, which the South Americans won 4: 3.
After the game ended, players and officials of both groups just fell under the hair, just verbally, there are also said to have been physical attacks.
Referee Antonio Mate Labor needed to do effort, the Spaniard dispersed a total of 14 yellow cards to players, 2 to officials and after the final whistle a yellow-red card on Humphries.
The second quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup will be participated in the annals of the World Championships, since many yellow cards have actually never been shown in a game.
The FIFA now has to examine whether Mate Labor and his team have neglected clear violations of the rules in his video game management and especially when forming the pack after the final whistle.
If this is the case, players of both groups are still at risk of subsequent personal punishment.