The Return is a game developed by the creator of the original project, the president and founder of Nippon CHI Software. It is not a remake, nor a sequel, but rather a new game that draws on all the strengths and experiences of its predecessors to ensure superior quality!

On the run given that last May, with the Settings menu which wound up on the Internet last September, the PC variation of The Return was formalized during the Video game Awards 2022. No surprise in all ways, Sony
Interactive Home entertainment continuing its policy to carry all its First-Party on PC.
It was not the House marque studio that has actually likewise looked after wearing the video game, however Climax Studios, which obviously introduced numerous technical enhancements, remarkable to what we found on PS5.
It is not yet defined, however we can anticipate a better resolution, an open frame, from Ray-Tracing to Logo, DSS, ultra-wide probably too, however as usual, we
will await the main aspects to celebrate all of this.


The release of Return on PC is anticipated in early 2023, without further information.