Since its release on November 18 at Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has seduced players from around the world with its extremely fun gameplay (even with the numerous bugs).
With the totally new Pale map to explore, a new generation of Pokémon and a fun plot, you can’t say that Game Freak didn’t make a remarkable debut in the open world RPG’s universe.
But of course, a real Pokémon fan can’t stand what he has today and is already thinking about the future.
More specifically, players are hunting clues about which region will be the next Pokémon games.

Those looking for, and the community has already argued with some theories.


Check it out in the sequence.

The Pokémon Games Development Standard

As Game Freak studio teams are relatively small, and the release rate is very high (with an average official game per year and other licensed productions) developers need to think about concepts and plots in advance.
So it may happen that future games are already being structured even from the release of the game Pokémon of the year.
The company’s developers, who like mysteries and Easter eggs of all kinds (such as the 151st Pokémon that was placed in Red and Blue without Nintendo Knowing), sometimes leaves clues about their next work in various Pokémon games.
Want examples?
The coaches were able to observe in Kilos (Pokémon X and Y → 6th generation), an object called Strange Souvenir, which represented and described the four guardians Tape de Pokémon Sun and Moon;
There was also the case of Lola (7th generation), which was a poster hidden from a gigantamax toxicity, a Pokémon that only debuted in the 8th generation.
In a gala (Pokémon Sword and Shield), some players even saw a tapestry of grapes and oranges, which makes direct reference to the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

A track of the next Pokémon game in Pale?

Many players believe some clue about the 10th generation of Pokémon is hidden by Pale.
The fact are open world of s/v being very vast, with hundreds of places to explore, does not make it easier to find a spoiler trace.
Even so the community has already found elements that can be considered clues and have already created theories, check out:
Australia Theory → Players on Reddit saw an intriguing poster in the Academy Art classroom, which may also represent Uluru, also known as Roche do Ayers, located in Australia.
The landscapes of this country vary from deserts, forests and beaches, so it would not be so shocking if the game Freak chose this region (which has fascinating biomes) for its next production.
Theory of Italy/Greece → Another theory is that Pokémon’s next work can happen in Greece (Hello Mamma Mia!) Or in Italy.
This is because in the house where Pokémon Scarlet and Violet begins, some players observed the presence of a painting with a street that would easily be found south of Italy or Greece, with several flowery buildings and white walls.
What can give even more gas to Italy’s theory, according to some players, is the fact that Soothe leader of the Leticia Gymnasium-speaking several languages, including Italian.
While all the other languages she uses have already been represented through various Pokémon games (English in Gala, French in Kilos and Spanish in Pale), the Italian is the only one that has not yet been.
Is the influencer of the electric type gym trying to indicate the next destination of the Pokémon Games?
A very important point is that: Game Freak developers have never hidden their love for Europe-it is very likely that the company’s teams would keep up with the countries there (they don’t know what they are losing by setting aside South America).
Of course, these theories are just this: theories, and in fact we will only know what the next region will be with confirmation of Nintendo or Game Freak.
One thing is certain: after exploring Pale and knowing the magic of the open world, coaches can barely wait for the next region of Pokémon games!