This is the kind of story we love to hear, especially when it comes to one of the most important franchises of our time. The first Grand Theft Auto appeared in 1997 and the franchise was not intended to be so successful according to its own studio.

GTA was an unexpected success

In an interview with BBC 5, GTA 2 producer Colin MacDonald made some very surprising statements about the success that Grand Theft Auto became. Although today it is certainly one of the most popular franchises, it was originally reserved for a completely different future.


The first GTA title, released in 1997, had no original intention to be what it became, and there were no less than 7 different projects in progress at the time at Rock star North. And according to an internal survey, GTA was the least favorite title of all. The reason ? A totally bugged game in which it was almost impossible to advance.

Subsequently, he says the basic GTA has completely changed, from a game with players in the role of dinosaurs who had to wander and destroy everything in their way, to a car game and a totally new perspective.

A meteoric rise despite everything

The first two GTA’s were clearly not major titles. It was from the third title, GTA 3, released at the time for PS2 in 2001, that success arrived. For the first time, Rockstar Games offered a 3D game with a new graphic engine and, above all, with an open world and a real story highlighting Claude Speed’s character.

The continuation, we all know: the arrival of GTA Vice City and also GTA San Andreas that marked the game industry. But not to mention the monstrous success of GTA 5, which appeared in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the time and reached a $1 billion record in sales in the first three days of release.

Currently, the company’s flagship has exceeded 170 million sales worldwide, and it seems that it won’t stop there. Rock star is currently producing GTA 6 and promises to be an even bigger title than the fifth game of the franchise.