Every month Microsoft’s signature services add free games to your catalog. In addition to the game pass, which ings titles at the beginning and mid-month, we also have the Xbox Games with Gold, with titles for the Xbox One consoles and series x | s. As other titles are revealed, we at MGG azil will add to our list.

Game Pass: Free December Games

  • December 6-Hello Neighbor 2-Console, PC, Cloud
  • December 8-Chained echoes-console, PC and Cloud
  • December 13-high on life-CONSOLE, PC and Cloud

Remembering that Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have access to the Xbox Games with Gold service games, as well as the titles listed above. In addition, the second half of December will surely ing new titles for Microsoft’s signature service.

Xbox Games with Gold: Free December Games

  • December 1-COLT Canyon-Console
  • December 16-Bladed Fury-Console

High on Life

The game is an adventure FPS that features the voice actors of Ricky and Morty. You will go into adventures in space, dealing with hostile planets, aliens of various types, but all in a very fun atmosphere.

Your differential is your weapons, which are clearly living and mobile beings, which interact with you and other characters, creating fun moments for players.


Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2 is a game of terror and stealth, but it has a lighter atmosphere that is not so scary, being receptive even for younger players.

You need to find out what your neighbor is up to, but you need to be more expert than him, hide and sneak so as not to be caught at all.