James Gun is more active than ever on social networks responding to fans’ doubts about his new stage at the head of DC Studios with Peter Saran, a creative duo that aims to give life to a new cohesive and more interconnected universe DC than ever. This h recently admitted James Gun himself through Twitter, clarifying that his idea is that the new DC universe connects all kinds of formats to make it a more complete and solid product. And this means movies, series, animation and video games; The dream of any fan.


The new DC Universe will explore unpublished formats

And so far, the so-called DC Extended Universe had a little cohesive direction among its own film films, without practically anything to do with other DC formats such series, films and animation series or video games, more Beyond some punctual wink such crisis in infinite lands.

Now, with James Gun at the head of the new DC stage, the filmmaker intends Ensure that there will be more DC characters television series.

On the other hand, another fan h ked if video games enter the same plan the rest of DC products and if they will be part of the same universe, to which Gun h not hesitated to respond with a categorical yes, giving to Understand that the next DC video games will also be part of the DC Universe. Almost nothing.

James Gun h just releed in Disney+ the Special Christm of Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel Studios; When in 2023 he releed Guardians of the Vol. 3 Galaxy in cinem, the filmmaker will have definitely finished with Marvel to become the singing voice of DC. Although it is already.