Nixon’s subsidiary People’s Dungeon & Fighter Mobile was selected as the best game in the 2022 game award.

On November 16, the 2022 Korean Game Awards ceremony was held at the Susan BEX CO Convention Hall and hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and hosted by the Korea Game Industry Association.

The awards ceremony was awarded 16 awards in nine categories. Among them, the main award, which selected the Excellence Prize, the Grand Prize, and the Grand Prize, was reviewed with 60%of the professional judging committee, 20%of industry experts, and 20%of the public votes.

As a result of the judging, People’s Dungeon & Fighter Mobile was selected as the best merchant. While inheriting the longevity IP , it was evaluated that the game was re-creation to the level of new IP beyond the change of the platform to the mobile by adding new content structures, characters, and its own storyline.

Soon Myung-jin, director of People, said, I am so happy to receive the target of the best game this year. I want to give the award glory to the adventurers who have been supporting and loved for a long time.

I have been doing the original live service for a long time, but it was the first time I made a new work. As I made it, I felt a lot of lack of experience in development. Although he lacked his ability to achieve the world’s best action RPG, he was able to receive this award because of the support and support of developers. I want to give glory to all the developers.

The first prize was taken by Motif’s The Origin. It was produced based on the famous IP , but unlike the original work, which was drawn from the perspective of Western history, the narrative was expanded from each region and national perspective to enhance cultural and historical diversity. Furthermore, the business model is highly praised for the fact that the probabilistic elements can be excluded, but the various game functions can be enjoyed organically.

Meanwhile, the Old Age Award was awarded in four categories in addition to the Grand Prize, in addition to the planning/scenario award, sound award, and game business innovation award. Motif Lee Deuk-kyu said, Thank you for giving you many awards even though it is a lot short of award. The users helped me a lot. Thank you all the admiral.

In the Planning/Scenario Award, he also expressed his special impression on his relationship with Joe Techno, who allowed IP re-creation. Lee Deuk-gyu said, I probably felt a lot of embarrassment when I went to Joe Techno and asked for an IP. It is positively evaluated by the fact that he has made a game that is not typical, servicing only for one year, four years, and five years for IP coordination. I think it’s a prize to do better, and I will do my best to make a better game.

In the Excellence Prize, Net marble Into’s Merge Kenya Island, Comes ‘Summers War: Chronicle, and Nixon Games’ Hit 2 were on the podium.

The technology and creation award, which selects the winning works by selecting a candidate through a separate technical creation screening, is divided into four areas of planning/scenario, sound, graphics, and characters. The two categories of The Age of Sea, Netmarblexus ‘Seven Knights Revolution and Nixon Games’ Blue Archive won the graphics and character category.

The Social Contribution Excellence Award was People in Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, and the Excellent Development Award went to PD Kim Yong-ha of Nixon Games. Popular Game Awards and Indie Game Awards went to Nixon Games’ Blue Archive and Wonder Potion’s Sana bi. The Game Business Innovation Award was honored by Motif’s Lee Deuk-gyu.


The startup company awarded to the future promising companies was a young and passionate startup with an average age of 28, and was awarded by Able Games of the DAL Rabbit Raising, which has achieved the results in the global launch. The Good Game Award, which is a good domestic creative and development game that contributed to the social sense of society, was awarded by Dublin of <30 Days>, which inspires the social issue of suicide.