Call of Duty is a most interesting franchise, because the more it has grown, interesting collaborations have been carried out with brands and personalities that perhaps is not directly related. And now, it is confirmed from nothing that some award-winning players, including Lionel Messi , will have a participation in some brand games.

The others that will be as operators include Neymar Jr. and Paul Pogba to join Call of Duty: Mobile, Modern Warfare II and War zone 2 as operators. That means that users can run, stab, shoot and launch grenades, among other actions with these public figures whose life has been recognized for being the best in their experts area.

There has been no launch date for these characters, but it is likely that they arrive with the first season on November 16 . It remains to be seen if they will be part of the battle pass of the game or some type of DLC package, but if it is the latest, it will probably be quite expensive and can even be sold separately.

@Paulpogba, @neymarjr, and Messi are preparing for a new type of game.

Remember that games are available in iOS and Android for the mobile title part. As for WWII it is available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC .

Via: Comic book

Editor’s note : This type of addition is somewhat strange, but surely there will be people who are fascinated by the idea. Now we just have to wait for the arrival of this content to the games.