The Sandbox (CEO Sebastien Bore) announced on the 10th that it has partnered with Line Studio (CEO Lee Jung-won), a casual game developer of the global messenger platform ‘Line’.

Through this partnership, the Sandbox’s K-content space, K-VERSE, creates a dedicated theme space for line studio, and users ‘Line Trainers’ and ‘Line Chef’ It is planned to be able to experience in the meta bus space.

In addition, the Sandbox and Line Studio will carry out various businesses and promotions such as NFT production using Line Studio’s games to provide a different experience.

Rhine Studio is developing and producing casual games through various collaborations with the global messenger platform line and showing it in the global markets such as Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Lee Seung-hee, CEO of The sandbox korea, said, With this partnership, we will meet not only in Korea but also in line studio games and characters that are loved in the global market as a new experience that can be enjoyed in your own way in the Sandbox Megabus.

Lee Jung-won, CEO of Line Studio, said, We will join hands with the sandbox and use various contents to provide new ways and fun to play games on meta buses beyond the existing game space.


Meanwhile, The Sandbox is expanding the world of meta buses with more than 400 partners in addition to Line Studio.