A few days ago many stayed with the uncertainty when confirming that Elon Musk is finally the owner of Twitter , especially in issues of how the platform will work from now on. And something that also caught the attention, is the collection that will be made to the users who want to have the account verified, as they would be charged about $20 USD.

One of the users who complained about this decision was Stephen King , since beyond making the collection, now that anyone could verify would not mean anything. Given this Musk replied that they must charge to pay bills, stating that now the new price would be neither less than a little less than half, $8 USD.

$20 a month to keep my blue check? Fuck, they should pay me. If that is instituted, I will go as Enron.


It is worth mentioning that an adjustment will be made according to the purchasing power of each country, this based on the United States dollar, so some prices could vary according to the region. It is also said that not only the blue dove is included, but priorities will be had searches, in addition to being able to add longer videos and audios than normal.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that there is still no official statement to carry out this, so users should wait for these changes until the end or some month of 2023 indicated by the company itself. That could show that more people want to join the competition, the Mastodon page.