It turns out that the trademark of the game Hotel Barcelona (Hotel Barcelona), which is said to participate in Mr. Gnocchi Sudan, Sherry, and Panchito Yokohama, has been filed.

This work was first mentioned in an event held in 2019. It is said that it will be a horizontal scroll-type horror game where a story is developed on multiple time axes, with 100%absolute bad person, but the actual game content is unknown. Although the state of the planning meeting was reported in Very’s tweets, it was not clear that it was actually going on.

It seems that Chichi Sudan and Very are being led by Mr. Very, but at the event, the Siren series and the Contains Ohio: Slitter Head is currently being produced, It’s okay at all. Because he was reply, he may also participate. Also, the publisher is said to be Revolver Digital, but it is also unknown because it tweeted with first ear.


However, it has been discovered that trademarks called Hotel Barcelona and Death Game Hotel have been registered. The applicant is the game studio WHITE OWLS, which is the representative of Mr. Very, and the information from a third-party perspective, which is not said to be involved in this work, has been revealed. The project seems to be actually progressing.

The release time of Hotel Barcelona, which is still full of mysteries, is unknown. Since it is a work that gorgeous creators participate, there are expectations for follow-up reports.